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Mark VR and radiation


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Hi friends:

Well the results of the scans were so-so. The onc indicated the chemo had maxed out, the tumor is still there, but only slightly smaller than the last scan and so I began radiation on Sept 21. So far, so good, the folks at the radiation clinic are GREAT. I've completed 12 sessions, going for 35 total. I'll get another PET after session 20 to determine the effectiveness. Rad onc is hoping to finish off the tumor with the radiation.

Side effects seem minimal, but I do have some esophagus issues, minor heartburn. I got some magic mouthwash from the rad onc to take, along with mylanta. So far it takes care of the problem.

Does anyone know what other side effects I should look for? I seem to be getting a little tired, but after the chemo it seems minor. I also have a little bit of tingling in my feet and fingers. Should I worry?

Thanks for all the support and advice, you guys are excellent companions in this ugly fight we have going.

Mark VR

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I can only speak as the caregiver for my husband, but other than some radiation burn and feeling tired Alan tolerated radiation pretty well. (he also had issues with swallowing, but we worked around that with soft foods). Good luck in your fight with the beast.


Husband Alan DX with small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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I had chest radiation and chemo at the same time, and about the only side effects I had were the esophagitis, and my skin really dried out -- almost a burn, but not quite. I used a product called Aquaphor that they recommended, and it worked really well. The best thing though - and this was true on my face/head when I had PCI too - was A&D ointment! It was very soothing, and very gooey! It seemed to actually help with the healing more than the other items.

Just keep at it -- these tumors can be pesky to get rid of.

My best wishes to you.


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My dad had a real tough time swallowing after radiation. It was so bad that he ended up being dehydrated and so he had an IV put in him. It got better with time. I also would like to tell you that he had radiation pneumonitis after. It is just something to look out for. He developed it 3 months after he finished his radiation treatments. He got short of breathe.



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Hello Mark! Jay is in Atlanta for business, but is golfing today.

So glad to hear how you are doing. I had those same chemo drugs Cisplatin caused me to get Neuropathy in my feet especially. Of course that was 7 plus years ago and it is no big problem now.

Sounds like a good idea that you have magic mouthwash available.

I agree you can get some skin irritation were they are aiming but that does not last forever either. Hope that radiation really shrinks it up. Prayers going up for great results. Donna G

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Yep-Donna is right. The cisplatin is awful for neuropathy, esp. in the feet. Tell the Dr if it bothers you. I had 8 months of it and finally said something, the last month he switched to carboplatin-almost the same thing. That was in 2001 and I still have the tingling in the bottoms of both feet.


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I was very tired after it all was over. During treatments I had the esophagus problems and I broke out in what they called a radiation rash. We treated it with aloe and neutrogena lotion. I was tired for several months but the throat problems went away fairly quickly. The magic mouthwash helped with that. Now I have a wheeze that I am told is from the radiation and I get bronchitis at the drop of a hat. The good news is it worked. Best of luck to you.


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Make certain that your Radiation Oncologist and your Med Onc know about the tingling in your hands and feet. Let them determine if this is from the chemotherapy, or if your Radiation Onc may need to make adjustments to your positioning for radiation treatments. After about my 17th treatment the Doc had to change the direction of the beam to "...get if off your spine...". I was having symptoms like you've described, as well as some very serious back pain.

Hope your results with Radiation are as great as many experience.

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