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Dreading Friday


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Ken goes back to Moffitt on Friday for scans and to see the dr. and possibly a 3rd Avastin infusion. Unfortunately, every time he has a scan it is bad news. He has been on the Tarceva/Avastin for 6 weeks. I suppose if the tumors in the liver are still growing they will stop the treatment. I really don't know where to go after that. I want to look into cyberknife on the liver tumors again, but I think Ken is reaching a state where he just doesn't feel like trying anything else. I can't believe that there just isn't something that could at least help for awhile. We have never even heard the word stable. So,I am dreading Friday.

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Karen, I am so sorry to hear that things aren't going so well for you right now. I can tell how very worried you are from the tone of your posts. I am saying lots of prayers that the news will be good on Friday. Please remember that you can pick up the phone and call me anytime you need to talk.

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Dear Karen,

There is ALWAYS hope and ALWAYS prayer. I am sending both your way...along with some additional strength to see you through this very difficult patch.

Avastin has produced good results for others. Hold onto the hope that it can for you guys as well. I will remain steadfast in the prayer department. Hope the next week or so does not prove to be too difficult for you both.

(((Ken and Karen))),


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It sounds like it's time for your scan results to come back with some good news!

I'm hoping and praying that this week will go quickly and the results will be the words that we all love to hear. S-T-A-B-L-E.

Hang in there......praying for you both.



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