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Mike's scan results & new chemo started


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Hi there,

Whew!!! Yesterday was a long day at the oncologists. Mike had labs, doctor visit and started chemo again. These last scans had good and not so good news. Tumors in the chest.. bronchial stump and lymph node are stable and have been quite a while, but the adrenal is still showing an increase plus possible progression to the lymph nodes behind it..At present it is described as "mild" progression, but it mentions multiple nodes. In a year and ten months this is the first time for any progression from the original tumors. It most likely has to do with the long period of time he was off of chemo due to pneumonitis and then steroid psychosis... On top of that we had two runs with Tarceva that failed.. sooo here we are.

The chosen weapon... is Camptosar (formerly known as CPT_11) It was given yesterday (1 hr 90min. infusion +30 minutes for two premeds for nausea and diarrhea) and will given every 3 weeks. We had discussed adding Avastin, but decided against it. There is increasing evidence that Avastin caused people to cough up blood due to bleeding in the lungs. :shock: It is also coming to light that the more people on it , the more reports are coming out of this happening , along with more fatalities due to this . Anyone considering Avastin, might want to make sure they do all their research before trying it.

Mike is feeling a bit queasy today. :? We are back to small meals again. He was eating like a horse before and feeling good. Can't live with the chemo and can't live without it. We are praying this one works... He's running out of options, I believe. Where's that silver bullet??? Let us know when you find it... That's what we are all working toward.

This is long enough. Good thing I don't post often, I'm too long winded. I'm a little behind in reading and posting . Just know that my prayers go out to all of you and I don't know what I would do without you. Thank you for always being here for us. Love you guys..



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Okay, Sue.

Mike and Brian are on the same chemo right now.

The diarrhea gets Brian pretty badly, but finally have learned that Lomodil helps: NOT immodium.

We are rooting for you guys.

He gets CPT-11 weekly for 2 weeks then 1 week off.

We are off schedule now for the wedding.

he was 'on' for 3 weeks now 'off' for 2.

Just labs till we get back from FL.

He was on this with carboplatin, but his nueropathy progression put a stop to any further platen drug usage.

Surely hope it is an effective treatment.

Brian failed badly on Tarceva as well and doc said absolutely NO to Avistin with very little explanation.



Pat and Brian

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Dear Sue,

I have been waiting (trying to be patient) to see what your next line of defense was going to be. I don't know about the chemo, but hoping you can attain stability so you can THEN work toward regression!!!!

I do so hope this will be the turn in the road toward good things for you and Mike. I hope you know that you remain in our fervent prayers daily. There is hope. There are miracles. There are drugs that can make a difference. I am wishing all of those for you.

Please don't stay away so long. We are here for good and not so good news. Please let us walk this walk with you.



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Hi Sue,

Sorry, don't know how I missed this post.

I along with everyone else is sending prayers for Mike for that this is the treatment that will work.

Hang in there, I know things will get better for you both.


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I just want to thank all of you for your well wishes and prayers. We appreciate them all. Mike is 3 days out from chemo and it's really kicking his butt. He is very fatigued and feels nauseated. He was feeling soo good and was enjoying everything. Now he just wants to rest all day and eat very little. I'm just praying it's making the cancer feel just as ill and kicking some cancer butt. Will update you again soon. Take care.



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Hoping this new chemo is just the ticket for Mike~!! Hang in there, keep us posted and I hope his side effects are few and mild.

Sounds like his doc is staying right on top of things...which is great. Maybe the Camptosar will do the trick...eh? Here's hopin'......

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Sue, Got everything and then some crossed that the Camtosar is going to be doing a whole lot of good for Mike. And when this is all through, you both will have amnesia regarding how badly Mike feels. It is now one minute, one hour, one day at a time. Hang in there. Praying for only the best of results!

love Cindi

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