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PET Results


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Well, I pushed the door open a little more and am trying to squeeze through. :D The Tumor Board agreed that if the PET showed no hot spots on the old primaries, no new spots and if only the lymph tumor shows activity, I would be recommended for radiation treatment of the lymph tumor.

Met with my ONC today and the PET results were FANTASTIC, :D the only hot spot (SUV of 15) was the lymph tumor. The rest of my body was clean, showing no hot spots. I meet with the Radiation ONC Thursday and we start our new battle.

Whoda thunk, 27 months ago I was classified Stage IV with multiple tumors in both lungs. Now I’m down to one and I actually feel I have a chance to beat this beast. 8)

Thank you all…..Live each day and hope…

Don’t ever give up!!!!!


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Oh Jim, Oh Jim, Oh Jim!!!!!!!

Can you tell just a little how VERY excited I am for you???!!!! It's like YIPPEE just isn't good enough for this!

I have hoped so hard for you to get some news like this. It is just so fantastic!!!!! From Stage 4 to where you are. You should be like the poster child for this da$% disease. You go for it, friend. (I don't know you, but hopefully all of us here can be called frieinds). All of us here will be cheering you on!!! Hope you can hear me all the way from PA!


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Jim,this is really great news.I am very happy for you.

I really believe you can win this fight too.All the tumors I have had were combatted the best with radiation,(my opinion).

The radiation is cumulative as was the chemo so there is a chance you will have side effects as with chemo (sore throat,fatigue,nasea etc.)but it is certainly doable and well worth while in my opinion.

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