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Charlie is Good


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Finally got through working here in TX. Had to send that quick note earlier...just couldn't wait until I got through working.

I am soooo excited. Can't wait to give Charlie a BIG hug tomorrow when I get back home.

Rural TX is a lonely place. It seems from the looks of things that I am breaking the law. Seems it's against the law to NOT drive a pickup truck in these parts. Really nice town, though.

Gotta run. Thanks for celebrating with me. I'm buying at the pub. Is someone filling in for Cindi so she doesn't worry about the place? If not, I will wait and celebrate WITH her! Take care all. God is good, even in the midst of our rollercoaster ride.

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I am just so pleased for you and Charlie, Tina :D !!! I thank God for listening to all our prayers! My hope is that improvement continues and you can continue celebrating for MANY years to come :P .

How wonderful that you got to meet Katie and Rick and the kids. I know I, for one, am very jealous. That had to bring you more good luck!

I think Addie was behind the bar one of the last times she posted. She was looking for limes!!!!! Not sure if she's still there. But heck, WE will be there!!! It can be self-serve :wink: !

Many good wishes!!!


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