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An update on Bill


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The doctor again told Bill that it's time to bring in Hospice
Is Bill opposed to calling Hospice? Is this something you have talked about? What ever the answer might be I think it is very important to respect the patients wishes regarding Hospice. I think a lot of people equate Hospice to "the end of the line". I know that's the way it is perceived my most people I know.

I admire the love and devotion you have shown for your husband. I'm so sorry this has happend to your family.


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Dear Beth,

I, too like Kasey, read your post and left a number of times. No words can adequately tell you how sad I am for you and Bill and your family. Somehow, we keep on keeping on. I don't know how and can't give you any words of wisdom. Just know that I am thinking about you and wish there was something that we could do that would make this 'all better'.

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I have no great words of wisdom, only those of support and prayer for what you are going through. When I go to Church tomorrow I will add your family to our prayer book, so know that many people will be praying for you. I hope that gives you a small comfort.


Husband Alan DX with small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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Beth,I like some of the others here had to walk away befoe posting a reply.

I am able to very much relate to this as I have been told numerous times on this journey that I only have 3 months left.This has been going on quite some time now and every time I hear it I still go thru all the same worries and concerns.

I'm so sorry you and Bill are having to deal with all this too.

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Don't know what to say. I can feel your pain. During Charlie's recent treatments, I had a lot of anxiety from fear of something going wrong. It was painful just considering it.

I have also struggled with my 12 yr. old daughter and 15 yr. old niece not realizing how serious things are at our house, too. It's a fine line we walk--keeping them in good spirits vs. not surprising them.

I will be praying for you both. From my past experience, I really believe in Hospice, also. Let them help you all out.

If you need someone to talk to, please PM me. I will call you back. Take care.



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Oh Beth,

my God I don't have the words... I am feeling your pain and wishing there was anything, something I could do to help you through this.

What struck a chord with me was the fact that your youngest boy thought Daddy was "cured"... and you felt like you did a diservice to him by him not realizing the ramifications of this damn disease. I feel you did just the opposite. You allowed him to live in the innocence that is childhood for a little while longer. You allowed him to enjoy his days with his Daddy without thinking this could be the last one... what a truly WONDERFUL gift you gave your son. The gift of hope.

The normalcy that was felt in your house must have been immense... and what a credit that is to you and Bill. I know it is horrible to see Bill suffering. Daddy use to say to me all the time "Do you think Mommy will be alright".... "I just need to know she will be alright"... and it sounds like that is what your Bill is doing.... his concern is for you, what a great love the two of you must have for one another. Beth, as hard as it is for you, let Bill know you will be okay... let him know that it is alright for him to be at peace and you know that he will never be far away. He will always be there to guide you. It is important that he have that thought in his mind... it is your final gift to him. I am so, so sorry.... I am praying for you all and I am here if you need me. Love, Sharon

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Oh, Beth honey...I wish there was something I could say that is curative. :( I wish this wasn't happening to Bill or to you or your children.

I wish I had words...and I just don't. But know you're all in my heart and my head and I hope for things to turn around.

The way you care for Bill is so exceptional and I can only hope and wish that you get more time together to share and make memories.

I'm just so sorry about how things have taken this terrible turn. Truly...it's hard to find words to say that might be of some comfort. :( I just feel an enormous sadness.

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Like all the others I DO feel your pain. I know the feeling of wanting to give them ANYTHING they want.

I try so hard to get my hubby to listen to what needs to be done when I am gone. He will not listen. If anyone reads this please listen to the one with the cancer and let them know you appreciate that they are worried about how you will handle things when they are gone. That is my only fear.

Prayers with you!!

Love Cindy

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I read your post on the morning of the second anniversary of Mike's death, your post did not

depresse me, just made me realize how strong

we can be when we are loved and needed.

I pray for both of you and your family

and wish you good days ahead.



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Bill reminds me so much of my dad (whose name was also Bill). He was so worried about mom. He kept on apologizing to her saying he was so sorry that he was going to leave her. He wanted to stay alive long enough to pay off the house and car, which he did. Even when he could hardly breathe and was on full oxygen, he was calling the insurance company from the hospital to make sure that hospice was covered under his plan. He wanted to make sure mom didn't have to pay. He never made it to hospice. My dad remained unselfish. When asked what we could do for him, all he wanted was some old fashioned hard candy to suck on....that is it. You have a wonderful man and YOU are a wonderful woman. I am thinking about you and praying for your entire family.



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Hi Beth,

I along with so many here was taken back by your post. I also had to walk away and try to pull myself together to express my feelings to you. I feel so helpless that I cannot help change things. My heart breaks for your both. I could only tell you that your love for each other shows though all your postings. You both share such a special relationship that will be there through-out eternity.

Please know that you both are in my prayers along with your family. I pray for Bill to be pain free and at peace.

You have such a dominant presence on this board, that there are mega prayers sent to you both.

I am lighting a candle for him and you.


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