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Lung Cancer Awareness


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All this month at and around my college there has been myraid of info. regarding Breast Cancer and breast cancer awareness month. As i walk from class to class i see hundreds of student lighting up cigarettes. The students are at a higher risk for developing lung cancer than any other cancer. Yet, there is an extreme lack of information and activism on campus for lung cancer prevention, especially compared to breast cancer. I am considering submitting an editorial to my school paper regarding lung cancer statistics, the ridiculous lack of funding, and the effects it can have on the family of cancer patients (i.e. ME). I'm not sure what to say to get my point accross. I'm not so good with words, and i dont want to belittle to efforts for Breast cancer, but the lack of attention to LC makes me furious. Any suggestions would be great.

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Good for you! I don't write things very well so I am no help to you there, but I am sure there are plenty of people on here that can help you. If you go to lungcanceralliance.org they have alot of information that you could use. Thanks for doing this and good luck.

Nancy B

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Write that editorial! And submit it to your Student Newspaper well in advance of November. Speak to your student health advisor about maybe doing something for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. I am personally very proud of you for even considering doing something like this, given what you are going through right now. Hats off to you, for whatever you choose to do.

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