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Fil triple bypass need prayers


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My Fil in Wisconsin is currently having Triple bypass Surgery. He is 70 yrs old, and had a terrible battle this summer already with colon cancer.

His Colon was blocked buy a cancerous tumor and also stretched out three times normal size.The good part was bad and the bad part was cancer. They removed the cancer, said they got it all, and repaired the rest. No chemo/rad needed.

Now they say if they had known his heart was so bad they never would have done the surgery. Thank God they didn't know. The Colon surgery was a sucess.

Please keep him in your prayers, he is a very nice man. I couldn't believe how he reached out to me when he found out about my lc. He even cried!! I didn't think he even liked me. Who knew?

Thanks!!! Vicky

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I had a Quintuple bypass going on 6 year's ago and my Mother just 2 week's before me had a triple at age 82 and has been working cleaning a bank now full time ever since. And these heart Surgeons do amazing thing's now and a friend of mine in the Dallas Ftworth area who had a quadtruple bypass 15 year's ago and his son is a Doctor was here in Kansas a week ago and he was telling me that where he live's there now doing the bypasses through a couple of little hole's in the side of the chest. Geez that would have sure beat the zipper i had.. I'm sure your friend will do just fine.....

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