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Had a scare


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I called my mom this afternoon to check on her and she had a heck of a time talking. She could say 2 or 3 words at the beginning of a sentence and the rest was just jibberish. She could clearly say the jibberish (If that makes sence) but it make no sence.

The Hospice nurse thinks brain mets may have been the cause. It really makes me CRAZY to not know what the heck happened today! I am thinking maybe a seizure.

Either way, it was so scary. After a little while she was back to herself. Anyone ever hear of anything like this?


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Yes, sounds very familiar to me. When my mom first starting having seizures, she could not tell the paramedics her name for a few minutes afterward. But a few minutes later, she was back to normal. Is she living alone right now? If someone is there to witness it, you'd know for sure.

I'm sure this is stressing you out big time. Hang in there!

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