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Really don't have much to post, thank God. Although as I am sure you all know, you always feel like you are walking on eggs when there is no treatment happening and the next scans are not for two months.

We got a letter today from our primary drs. office. I was afraid to open it. WOW, it was a 'Hope you are doing well. Haven't gotten any reports on you lately so I hope this is good news' letter. Do you believe it, a really nice and concerned doctor and he did this with no prompting. WOW again.

Also, Earl had a rash that looked and itched just like poison ivy on the inside of his right arm. Earl has always been able to pull out poison ivy and never get it. Earl realized that is had to be an allergic reaction to the Taxotere, because it started right where the IV was and traveled up his vein to his elbow. This disease never ceases to surprise me.

I think you know, I think and pray for each and every member and their family daily. I also pray for the researchers that are trying to find new and effective treatments for LC and all cancers.

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You have an awesome PCP there. I have a great one that follows up with a phone call on things which he is treating us for but once they have turned you over to a specialist that's it. This letter shows that he cares for your family as people, not just as patients. Hang onto this one for sure.

Good Luck with the rash.

Thinking of You and Earl :D , Shelly

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How nice of your PCP to write. My PA called me to follow up right after I was diagnoed. He sent me for the x-ray which found the cancer. Every doctor since has said..."But you should not be having any pain in the center of your chest, because lymph nodes arent supposed to hurt there. I can't believe your cancer was even found" I think maybe God gave me the pain to indicate that something was wrong with me.

I am so glad that Earl has NED! I can understand feeling like "walking on egg shells!" Just try to live life as you use to, if that is possible. I guess life will never be the same for any of us. Some have said that Life is better in some ways since having cancer." I haven't had that epiphany yet! Ha! But finding meaning in suffering makes suffering worth the while I guess.


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Just glad to read your post today - was wondering how you and Earl were doing. I am having a hard time getting to the computer these days - kids are keeping me hopping! Know that I, also, pray for you and all each and every day as I give thanks.

Wish I knew a Dr. that was THAT caring - wow, that's great!

Continued good health and happiness to you both!


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