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It just keeps on and on it seems. We get one issue under control and another unnecessary event occurs. On Sunday afternoon I had asked for Mom to be removed from the pain meds they were giving her as they were just to much.Diuladid(sp) was the med. Rather than d/c the med the hospitalist doc doubled it as he assumed we were dealing with cancer pain and just added some phenergan to it. I still after I found this out ASSUMED it was still going to be stopped, but come to find out it wasnt and when mom asked for painmeds they were giving her that rather then the newly order oxicodone. Well Monday night they give her the diuladid and activan for pain, within an hour her breathing was almost stopped. They called me about 4am as mom was asking for me. They had put her on a Bipap machine to push oxygen down her and order another ct scan for PE proticol. The nurse that came on duty early Tuesday marning was the only nurse who knew mom didnt get the diuladid and said she thought they had given her too much and thats what slowed her breathing and dropped her O2 to 67% and not a blood clot in her lung. So after a day of not knowing who and where she was and more tests which all came back fine it was determined by her onc that yes she was given the wrong meds!!!!

Thanks goodness even though we are not dealing with cancer her Onc has taken charge of her care and for sure done away with the strong pain meds. We sat last night for 45 minutes going over everything mom takes and how much. She felt everything was Narcotic enduced and if we can get it all out of her system her mind would be fine again. Sure enough I get there this morning and find my mom acting like herself, although she could remember nothing from the previous day. Thank goodness!!! This has just been the biggest mess I have ever had at a hospital, and I fully intend to do something, not sure what but something, as this is something that never should have occured had doctors and nurses followed thru with the correct orders.

We have been there 1 week tomorrow and still have not seenher Pulmonoligist. Can you believe that? I know the nurses and onc have spoken to him via phone but no visit. This just shows me that he doesnt want mom as a patient anymore than we want him as a doctor. I have found 2 pulmo docs here in town that I am going to call and see about getting her into. I am done with this group of idiots!!

Hopefully unless something else stupid happens she will go home tomorrow. They can do nothing about her new compression fracture causing the pain because of the location, so I just pray it heals on its own like the last 2 did. I am just worn out from this, but so glad mom only remembers bits and pieces of it.

Thanks agian for everyones support and listening to me rant..


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When I sw the title of your post, I was going to come here and say "Find another Dr. or hospital or something!" I am so glad you are checking around bc your mom has sure been through the mill , and you too for sure. You should be so proud that you are her advocate.

Good luck with seeing a new pulmonologist and getting her home safe and happy!

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Kim, I guess to say that this is all unbeliveable would be a gross understatement. I really hope something is decided soon so you can get your mom out of htere. Hospitals are supposed to be a place where you can feel safe. If I were in your shoes, I would be afraid to leave the hospital. I really hope things get better and that your mom improves. I have the highest regards for people in the medical profession but what you are dealing with is out and out ricidulous!

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Kim, I'm so glad your mother finally has a "clear" day! But what a mess having to deal with all the other stuff. Hope you are keeping journals with dates, times, names, and descriptions of everything that is going on. Might help to write it all up in narrative form and start sending copies around to various authorities.

My own mother is 92 -- not battling cancer, but has some manageable medical issues. They try shuffling her around all the time too, and thankfully she's there with my niece who is an RN and knows what to ask and can help when she needs it.

There is just no excuse for this kind of treatment -- NONE.

My best to you, and hopes that you will soon be able to work with a competent and caring medical team, and not have to fight so hard just for the basics.


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