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new to site and looking for info!


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Hi to all, my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer in June of 05. Middle & lower right lobectomy done in Aug. Ended up having 3 thorocotemies due to complications. Survived an initial code blue but is now doing fabulously, (golfing, tennis,sooo unbelievable!!).

Vague finding on left lobe...hoping it's "nothing". He started tarceva 3 weeks ago...is tolerating it well. We have been following Patrick Quillan's book, and he has been taking the supplements up until starting the tarceva. I can't find any information on tarceva and high dose supplements...has anyone combined tarceva with high dose supplements, or know of any studies regarding this? Any ifno would be so appreciated!

My thoughts are with everyone who is touched by this frightening disease~may we all have peace.


My husband is a 37 year old nonsmoker

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Hi Goldy,

I am also on Tarceva and have been for approximately three months. For a while I was taking mega doses of chlorella but developed some stomach issues and had to stop. My suggesstion is to talk to the oncologist about any supplements and see what they say. My onc said that Tarceva was not an oxidizing drug so it could be taken with almost anything.



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Hi, just wanted to welcome you. Although you don't want to be here, here you'll find alot of support. I personally don't know about Tarceva but there are many people here who do who will be chiming in to tell you all about their experiences. Good luck to you and keep posting your questions/problems. We're here for you.


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Goldy31- It amazes me how many young people and even non-smokers have this dreaded, dreary disease. Before I was diagnosed with it I thought only old chain smoking men got it!!! The World needs to know this and I mean now!! Enough Pink this and that!!! Lung Cancer should be the new Disease De Jour. Go White, or clear, I'm not even sure which it is.

Come here with any questions, no matter how silly you might think. Its a wonderful place for info, support, laughs, friendship, prayers, sympathy, comraderie.


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Hi Goldie,

Sorry to hear about your husbands diagnoisis. But he seems to be on a good treatment plan.

I do not know about the Tarceva and supplements combination. But there are many people here who use that particular drug.

You should however, let your oncologist know what supplements you are taking.

Please know that we are here for you 24/7, you are never alone.

Let us know of your husbands progress. Hang in there. You can and will beat this.


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