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Anybody wanna kiss my......


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....head? :wink:


This was taken on our trip west. These two gals are cyberbuddies....part of my support "team" I put together when first diagnosed. I'd never met them before...only spoken on the phone.

They drove 3.5 hours from Seattle to where we were staying in Lake Oswego (Portland area) to meet me and spend the night. We did nothing but laugh. Great gals, both of them.

They thought the head kissing photo would be a hoot...so here we are and I'm sharing it with all of you.

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Really Addie...like Larry said, thank God it was your head! I was wondering if we had really done something to annoy you? Sure toots....I'll proudly kiss your head anytime...one crafter to another!!! Speaking of which...I was up till 2:00 am making Snowman Farts and Penguin Poop!!! Can you handle the excitement?

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Awww Addie. How sweet! And what a beautiful lady to go with that beautiful personality.

I'll kiss that head, any ol' time if I get near it! Can I rub it too? Maybe it's good luck like those little Buddha belly thingies they used to sell? :roll:

Thanks for sharing that picture. It's a keeper!!


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Hi Addie,

Priceless...Priceless... Priceless...

You cyber friends are really special. You are so lucky there to have them.

You are beautiful....thank you for sharing that Priceless picture.

Your smile, matches that wonderful "Additude" you enlighten us with all the time. :)

Maryanne :wink:

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Oh Miss Addie!!!!!

You are beautiful indeed! I would kiss your head - no question. I may just drive to CT to do it someday too.

I am interested in how you got these cyberbuddies. They actually look like they are dressed alike. Can't be, huh? Anyhow I bet we would love to hear the story on how you found these remarkable women!

BTW....your BALD head is WAY better than what I have GROWING!!!!! Under my wig.... VERY SCARY!!!!!

Love you, Addie. Thanks for the smile today!



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For those who wondered....I met these gals thru a dog training website that is now defunct. In late 2000 I joined the site looking for some help with our newly adopted, crate aversive Linus who also suffered from separation anxiety.

Over time, a large number of us got to really know one another and became close...even though we'd never met. One of the forums at the old website was sort of a catchall forum...for talking about things OTHER than dogs. I was....uh....appointed "social director" of the group...which may or may not surprise some of you. :roll:

When I was diagnosed....I wrote to 14 of these gals, asking them to be my "support team". By the time of my dx, I'd actually met 4 or 5 of the gals. A couple have even been here and spent the night.

They have dubbed themselves my "Team" and have, in so many ways, been the wind beneath my wings throughout my cancer journey. They live everywhere from Massachusetts to Ontario, Canada to Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Long Island, upstate NY, Virginia and one even lives here in CT. Incredible women, incredible friends. I am blessed....but for not having any hair! :wink:

Oh, and thank you all for the nice comments. I guess it did radiate how much I enjoyed my time with these two...and I want you to know I only had one little drinkie...because Lainer is a med student and said I could. 8)

They ARE dressed alike...in scrubs. Lainer brought scrubs for all of us to relax in and the fact that they both had black sweaters too, is coincidental. But they both wore their scrubs on the ride back home to Seattle.

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