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I need a great article on LC and how non smokers get it too.


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Does anyone have an article like this? For LC awarness month, next month. I would like to send an email to my email list which is extensive and ask everyone I send it to to forward it to their email list and each of them pass it forward.

I specifically would like one that speaks about non smokers too because so many of my friends and collegues are amazed when I tell them non smokers get it too, genetics can play a role and that there are different kinds of LC some are more smoker induced, some are not.

I can't believe how little everyone knows.

Thanks in advance,


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The literture states that small Cell tends to be far more smoking related (what I have). There are far less never having smoked patients w/ sclc. Andeo and Mesth, two NSCLC types tend have far more of the non smokers in those groups. My onco also told me this. BUT, I was also exposed to radon and asbestos, smoked and had asthma, so I think there have to some of these LC'c that are for multiple reasons, but they are not well defined.


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