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Cindi Update


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Just talked to Cindi and she sounded good. She for sure will be in the hospital through Thursday, but not sure if longer or not. She has been having tests. Today was a high resolution CT scan. Tomorrow one will be a PFT. One big problem is her radiation pneumonitis. I think that can be a difficult problem to resolve. Don't know.

You know our Cindi :P !!!! She was having some microwave popcorn and trying to sneak into the janitor's closet to find the brandy he has hidden there :o !!!! Also has needed the help of a little Ativan since she has been feeling just a bit anxious over all this :shock: . Like who wouldn't, right!

Anyway, we should be hearing from her herself soon. She sounded just like all of us would imagine. You just gotta love her! Sorry I forgot to ask about the keys to the pub :? !!!!


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Thank you for the update. Cindi has been on my mind and in my prayers. She has been through a lot trying to find out exactly what is causing all her problems. I'm praying she will come out of that hospital with answers and solutions. In the meantime, I hope she jumps in here and realizes just how much she is loved. Last I saw the line to the pub is wrapped halfway around the block now. Hope she hurries home soon.. :wink:



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:DHere I am!!!

Good to talk with Kasey! Even got to hear Fay's beautieous voice for the first time. Sweet, you guys. Most of the time my pc was plugged in, so I know I missed alot of calls. Sorry to drive ya'll so crazy over this.

Yes, I have been busy with the transport staff. I have been around to many depts. I did have a heart ultrsound which seemed "good" to the tech. The small effsion is all but gone.

The pleural effusion that was on the CT two weeks ago, also seemed to have resorbed on it's own.

Tomorrow, I spend with the pulmonolgist and tests and then I think I am out of here. It is not fun. The hours are long and my roommate has her nurses earning their crowns bound for heaven. I get no stars for grumbling to myself.

I shall catch up on all of the goings on when I get out of here.

Love, Cindi o'h

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Hi Cindi,

I am thrilled that so far you got good news. I will be thinking of you today when you meet with your pulmonary doctor for more tests. Hopefully, he will be able to find the cause of your SOB.

Thanks for keeping in touch with us.

Hurry back, we don't like when the bar is closed. We need you to open it up.

Miss ya much,


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So happy to hear you are "ok" I was searching the site just to find any news!!! I think a few kegs need tapping at the pub.

And anyone who coaches little girls hockey is a big hero in my book. I start playing when I was 36!!!

Get the Hell out of there soon!!!!!


Husand Alan DX small cell lung cancer Jan 10th 2005

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Yep....telephoned our Cindi too many times to track, but kept getting a busy signal. Finally she answers and we were able to speak for about 10 seconds because she's on her way out of the room for tests!

Hope things are going well, Cindi O'H, and you'll be breathing easy very soon.

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