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Bone Mets


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Ada, you are such a strong person...I love your attitude. Please know that I admire you and will pray for you. I believe a cure is coming soon. I've mentioned this before... my husband's manager was given a 15% chance to live and his only hope was a clinical trail. Well the clinical trial worked and he has been in remission/cured for over 10 years.

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Dear Ada,

hang in there. The pain will get better. It takes a little while for the radiation to kick in but it will and it will help your pain.

I still think you should ask about Aredia for your bone mets also.

And I also encourage you to ask about adding Celebrex to your pain meds. My dad took Celebrex along with Oxycontin.

God bless you.

Keep the faith,


(I think this is the first time I posted to this exact board so I am just listed as guest. I'll try and set up a profile sometime.

For those who might remember me, I posted a lot on the original board last year. Sadly my father passed away late in Nov. and I have needed some distance from all of this. He lived for 5.5 years after being diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC in March of 1997. Hang in there everyone - there are always new treatments just around the corner.)

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Hey Kerry, I would like to hear more about your father. I'm glad to hear that your father lived 5 1/2 years after being diagnosed with Stage 4 and want to know what steps you took in his care. Did you conduct any alternative treatment?

(Sorry to run this on your post Ada, but Kerry isn't set up yet on this website so I thought I'd respond to her posting)

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