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This week was better


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This week the group was a little better. I piped up more in discussions... And made myself not be invisible and that seemed to make the leaders remember to acknowledge me more.

And I'm still really clicking with the wonderful lady from last week. She is much older than me, but I have the feeling that she is good friend material.

Anyway... I will keep trying.

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Val, I knew you could do this! I'm so proud of you for speaking up and letting everyone know that you are also in pain. I'm also glad to hear of this new potential friendship. Like Ginny said, friendship comes in all shapes, sizes, sexes and ages! I have always very easily made friends with people that are older than I am. Sounds like this will all be evry good for you!

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Good for you, Val. You know, sometimes friends made AC (after cancer) are totally differenet people than we might have selected BC (before cancer). I know that is true for me.

Glad there is potential for friendship and support. Keep working at it there and we will keep up support from here!



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