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Getting to Know You - October 14


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Oh, brother! I would absolutely NOT answer the door, LOL.

We are temporarily living in a 800 sq ft apartment while our home is being rebuilt. Long story, short...our home burned to the ground..we were robbed and there was a fire and the rest is history.

My husband has many hobbies and most of them require *lots of stuff*...he fly fishes, hunts and races vintage motorcycles...so you can imagine as he accumulates new things, they have to go somewhere and that somewhere is this apartment!

Bless his heart, he is not the only culprit in this controlled chaos we call a home...our kitchen table is strewn with papers, house plans, antique books, insurance stuff and just about anything else you can imagine! If anyone has ever experienced a fire then you know what an absolute nightmare it is to inventory your entire household contents for insurance purposes...it's a long, sad, tedious task.

I do have one word of advice for every single person that reads this...go around your home, right this second with a video camera and takes pictures of everything you own...put it on a disc and store it somewhere safe! Insurance companies want to know, what you had, when you bought it, how much it cost.

As an aside, the fire was during the time my mom was being dx'd and we didn't (and still haven't) told my mom the full extent of what happened. She lives about 400 miles away from us so we told her as little as possible...just that we were robbed and that there was a fire and we are remodeling...I just felt it would break her heart and worry her so that I decided to *shelter her* Besides, she and my dad had given us all of the family pics for safe keeping and how do you tell her...everything is gone.

Gosh, I have gone on and on...sorry.


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I used to keep a house that anyone could walk into at anytime and I was very comfortable with it. I am having health problems now with my neuropathy, Back and knee problem and have a very hard time keeping up with our home. We also own a VERY LARGE home and what hubby thinks is clean is not what I consider clean LOl

He does try and it does help but I may check out messies too! I also have on a few occasions had someone come in this year and clean for me. You know the deep cleaning that needs to be done a few times a year.

We are currently looking to move to a smaller much newer house that will be oh so much easier to keep clean.

I have to agree though since I lost my Brother life has changed for me and so have my prioritys. Come on over and we can just enjoy esch others company!!

God Bless you all,


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Well, my house DEFINATELY falls into the wreck catagory! I work two jobs and one is 5 out of 6 weekends. So... my house is never clean and it just depresses me to walk into it. When I do have a day off, I just want to rest. And, no I don't get much help from my hubby. It is a big sore spot for us. So, I don't even let the neighbors in! My Dad is coming to visit in 2 weeks, so I guess I'll work my a** off trying to get it in order before he comes with his fiance. Wish me luck, I could use it!!

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