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Non cancer related: Anyone live near Baltimore?


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Hi All,

I just accepted a research fellowship from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. I will be going for 3 months next Summer. I got full funding from an organization in California so I won't have to work at all!

So anyway, I was wondering if any of you live close by or within driving distance (I'm bringing my car or is there good public transportation)? I would love to meet some of you East Coaster's while I have the chance. Plus I need lot's of tips on what to do on my time off and most importantly what to eat....I hear that I should eat some Tasty Kakes? If anyone can give me some tips I'd appreciate it. I know it is pretty early but I always like to come in with some sort of game plan.

BTW, if anyone is interested I do visual perception research and will be learning how to incorporate functional MRI's into it. Any research subjects out there?? :-)


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Hey Kathi!!!!

I am fairly close to JH - I think about 1-1/2 hours. In fact we drive almost right by there when we go to NIH for my 3 month checkups! More than likely you will be there for one of these trips, so we can stop by and see you.

A good friend of mine makes trips to JH for followup for cancer of the larynx! We drove him there for some of his radiation appointments.

We are in PA so not sure we can be of much help as to places for you to visit locally, but will gather some info and PM you.

It would be exciting to meet you. And congraatulations on your research fellowship!!!! Not sure about being a research subject!?!?!?


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I am about an hour south of Baltimore. You will love it there. There is so much to do in the city. The inner harbor is fun, lots to do at night too. I would love to meet you while you are here. Maybe we can get some other "Marylanders" to join us. (And Pennsylvanians too) :-)

To eat? .... CRABS and more CRABS. I can sit for hours and eat crabs. Another fun place to visit while you are here is Ocean City. It's our biggest "resort" town, about 2 1/2 hours from Baltimore. And of course, DC is only an hour away. You won't be bored....

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