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LCSC is coming to OKLAHOMA


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OK...so what's in OKLAHOMA? Our very own "Debi"! She is coordinating and hosting a space at :

a HUGE arts & crafts fair in Ardmore, OK for Lung Cancer Awareness Month and to benefit Lung Cancer Support Community.

This is a three-day event and I will be driving over there and will be there Saturday. I am also bringing my mom- which is a giant step for her in becoming active this way.

I am certain Debi could use volunteers, so PLEASE of you can get to the Ardmore OK area and want to help, or come out and meet us! We could use you. Here are the event dates- November 11 - 13.

I am also asking LCSC members if they have any items they would like to donate for this fundraiser. We can sell almost anything and your donation will be tax deductible.

Help us make a difference and raise awareness!

Please contact Debi for more information or to volunteer goods, items or time:


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Katie and Debi,

I'm really bummed! I pm'd Debi to explain. I live in Oklahoma City and would love to come down and meet both of you and help, but that is the week-end I am flying to Washington State to visit Jim's family. Happy about that but so bummed about missing this!

I told Debi I hope to wear one of my LCSC T-Shirts through the airports to enlighten the hordes and possibly stir up a conversation or two.

Can't wait to see the pictures!


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Can't wait to meet everyone! Debi and I have met twice before and I look forward to helping in anyway I can and meeting as many folks as I can on Saturday.

Who else from OK or surrounding areas can make this shin-dig? Come on!! If I can drive it, you can too!!

Also, please remember that we're asking for any donated craft items or new items for sale. Your donation is tax deductible!!

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Sorry I haven't posted before now but the move I just made just about killed me. :shock::lol:

I really have hemmed and hawed about committing to putting the effort in to do something like this for over 2 years. I know that it isn't the biggest fund raiser, but it's something. So for DavidA, and Bobmc, and Mo and Bet and ALL the others that are no longer here and left me sitting in front of my computer wondering why I still am, the least I can do is commit 3 days of my life to trying to raise some money for the place where we all meet, and promote a little awareness at the same time in this crazy town :shock: .

Anyway, I am NOT a craft person at ALL so would appreciate any donations of anything to sell. It's also holiday themed, so if anyone has any Christmas type stuff, that would be good too!! ALL proceeds will benefit LCSC of course. Any help is appreciated, if anyone wants to travel on down (including RY!! :twisted:), my home is yours!

The best thing about this, since I know the Katie rain curse..., the fair is actually inside a building! Hopefully the roof won't leak right over our table!! :lol::wink:

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HEY HEY!! (ok, she's right. I DO have a rain curse! But that was LAST YEAR!) LOL

Hey Debi, since it is holiday themed...I will make ornaments!!!!!!! GEEZE...like I don't have enough to do already!!


Can't wait. Hope TONS of people show!!

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I'm in Edmond (OKC area). My mom makes Kool-Aid Jammers bags (purses out of the drink bags...they are really cute) and she is going to try and make a bunch for the show. My students here go crazy for them...they were a big item at my school's auction last year.

I'll be there Saturday for sure...good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise.

:) Kelly

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Just for clarification:

Ardmore is right on I-35, about 90 miles north of Dallas and 90 miles south of Oklahoma City. It's actually about 30 miles north of the Texas/Oklahoman State line.

One of the Billboards leading to town advertises it as Ardmore/city with 800 hotel rooms, so basically we have room for everyone. :shock::lol:

And Bruce, you could drive here.. there is no ocean here, you wouldn't have to worry! :wink:

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