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Ativan Side Effects


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Anyone had or seen confusion/disorientation as a side effect of Ativan? I gave my mom one today for the first time...and out of the blue she is disoriented and zonked out.... I used to take them from panic attacks.....but didn't have this effect.

Thanks for any input/advice. I looked online and saw that it can be a side effect...but I would feel better hearing it from someone with experience.


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Yes, confusion can be a side effect of Ativan. Also, be careful with drug interactions with Ativan and other medications. If she is also taking Decadron or Ambien or an antidepressant, there can be serious side effects from the combination. If you have questions, please call her doctor.

Good luck and let us know what happens.


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Pam -

Thanks for the info. I talked to the onc this morning -- and he thinks it is the ativan along with the Duragesic patches which are causing the confusion -- I yanked off the patches for now..and she seems to be doing better. My dad also made the mistake of putting one where she uses a heating pad -- stupid, yes I know.

Anyway, thanks for the help - I really do appreciate it and will keep you posted.


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