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Coincidence or a message?


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I just came back from a cruise to the Caribbean, that was suspossed to be for Fred and I. Instead I went with my friend Carol next door.

Well I brought Freds ashes because this is a trip he so deserved. (also felt a little guilty going alone)

Well I sometimes struggle with the afterlife, and is it all true, or just something they tell us to make us feel BETTER.

When I opened the first pack of pics and the very first pic I looked at it was Fred sitting in a chair,in a room at the casino in Atlantic City we had went to last Labor day.(Took me a minute to even think where it was from) I started to cry, but kind of happy tears, I thought is this his way of letting me know, that yes he was there with us? Or just one of those everyday coincidences?


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Oh Rosemary,

First, I don't think I told you how sorry I was to hear we lost Fred! I'm sorry for not making mention, and I'm very sorry for your loss and ours.


When we lost Fred, I didn't have a computer for 4 months and we lost him during that time.

As for your thoughts is it a coincidence or just one of those things. My thought is, what ever gives you comfort, it what it is! I still go through those feelings with situations over the loss of my son 5+ years ago, and I just take what gives me comfort and go with it.

I like to believe that our loved ones are always with us and near us. I find that thought to be very comforting to me.

I'm glad you went on your trip, and I'm sure Fred is glad you did too.


L & H


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Well, I just had chills while reading your post, as something so very similar happened to me. The picture that I have posted on this message board came back in a roll of film that I had developed after Dennis' death. Everything on the roll was recent, except for this picture. Like you, I kept looking at the picture in an attempt to figure out where it was taken. I could tell that the picture had been taken after Dennis became ill, as he is much thinner in the picture. Finally...it hit me. This picture was taken in my sons' kitchen. This house was in Nashville and the last time we were there was in 2000, when my son graduated from Vanderbilt Law School. But...all the other pictures taken at that time, in that house, showed a much heavier Dennis. I still cannot understand how this happened. Like Tina, I have long stopped believing in coincidences and now believe only in Godincidences.

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Thank you everyone for sharing your personal experiances and thoughts, makes me know there is a message. Just wish I wasn't so hardheaded to understand sometimes.

Ann, I remember you telling me how everything would go so smoothly, and yes I was surprised at just how everything fell into place, when I thought their would be complete termoil in the early months.


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Hi Rosemary,

Roe, Fred is definetly around you. I mean the first picture???? He was there on that cruise with you and love what you did with his ashes.

I am going to email you, tomorrow as it is much too late now and I am tired. But I am glad that I saw you post.


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