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Interesting Comment RE: PET Scans For Those With BAC


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I stumbled across this comment recently while doing some on-line PET research. Thought that this might be of interest to those of you with BAC sub-type :

" Even with the use of SUVs there can still be false positives when it comes to lung cancer. Some pathologies that may cause false positives include: infectious and inflammatory lesions and aggressive neurofibromas. One very important false negative is bronchioalveolar carcinoma. This carcinoma is on the low end of metabolic activity. "

http://www.mcg.edu/radscape/CaseStudies ... ngMass.htm

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Welcome Back, Stranger.

I was told that in "pure" forms of BAC that PET imaging may not be the best study to use. When I was enrolled in a clinical trial at UC Davis for BAC patients they alternated CT scans with NEOTECT scans to monitor disease status. (This was an Iressa trial). I was told that NEOTECT Scanning was a better screening tool for indolent forms of BAC. And the truth is NEOTECT scans did pick up disease that had been missed with CT scanning in my own case.

Don't know if you read my latest update, but the docs feel very strongly that the tumor that popped up in my left lung isn't BAC related at all. They feel very strongly that Tarceva is keeping the BAC cancer under control. I was very encouraged by this news.

Glad you're back.

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