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Turning The Heat On Lung Cancer

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http://www.satevepost.org/issues/2005/0 ... 0472.shtml

Published: July/August 2005

After receiving treatment to "cook" and kill lung tumors, patients had a 91 percent cancer-specific survival rate at one and two years, according to results of a multicenter trial presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology's 30th Annual Scientific Meeting. The research also showed the radiofrequency ablation (RFA) technique successfully killed the tumor inside the body without surgery in 93 percent of the cases.During radiofrequency ablation, an interventional radiologist inserts a small, energy-delivering probe through the skin, and directly into the tumor using imaging for guidance. Heat delivered through the probe destroys the tumor cells while sparing nearby normal tissue. The dead tumor tissue shrinks and slowly forms a scar.

"This research shows that CT-guided radiofrequency ablation effectively destroys cancer cells inside the lung without surgery," says radiologist Riccardo Lencioni, M.D., University of Pisa, Italy. "For patients with primary lung cancer or lung metastases from colorectal cancer who are not surgical candidates, this research also shows that the interventional radiofrequency ablation treatment can improve patients' survival without worsening their quality of life."

Many patients with lung cancer are not candidates for surgery at the time of diagnosis. For these patients, the minimally invasive procedures may improve survival, reduce pain, and improve quality of life. Researchers report that most people resume usual activities in a few days. The treatment can also be repeated if necessary or combined with other treatment options.

For the preliminary study, researchers enrolled 106 men and women with 186 malignant lung tumors that were 3.5 cm in diameter or smaller. Thirty-three patients had non-small cell lung cancer, 53 had colorectal cancer metastasis and 20 had metastasis from other organs

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