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Not much time left for mom


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My mom fought hard and complained very little. Actually I can't recall her ever complaining. That is one of the things we heard over and over again when mom was in the hospital, nursing home, and now hospice, what a wonderful patient she is, so nice and never complains. Even when when she was parnoid on morphine the nurses said she still was always nice to them.

It is so hard to watch these final stages. Each of us have been taking turns spending the night so she won't be alone. The nurse told me how touched she was to walk in this morining to see my dad sleeping in the chair next to her holding her hand. She has been trying to talk more but she is so weak it's hard for her to get the words out. It always lifts my heart to see her smile whenever the grandchildren come in and she whispers hello sweetie pie. Yesterday as we were leaving she woke up and gave each of us a kiss goodbye and she never fails to say I love you.

I love you too mom and I am going to miss you :cry:

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Dear Millie,

What can one say to help the hurt of one losing their Mother? My Mom is 80 yrs old and I am so afraid of that day.

You're post hurt my heart as I just imagined....

Dearest God,

Please give this family comfort, strength and peace.

God Bless you all,


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I'm so sorry, Millie, that you're at this stage. But I cannot help but smile at the wonderful memories you are making and how, even now, your mom continues to give her love to all of you and you, back to her.

Sending you wishes for strength and peace and continued love and memories.

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Hi Millie,

My heart breaks for what you and your family are going through. I sent through the same with my mom back in June. But I am so glad that your monm is at home, where her family can see her at any time.

I pray for her to be pain free and at peace. Hospice should take really good care of her. They are a blessing in disguise.

I am so sorry. Prayers sent.


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