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Doc says Jeffrey is in "Uncharted Territory"


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To all my friends here in "Lung Cancer Land" let me apologize for rarely posting these days. I am here but usually on the fly and stealing a little time away from students or family. Anyway, on Wednesday Jeff had his last scan read and the results were phenomenal. His liver is completely cancer free and his original lung tumor is down to 1.2 cm (shrunk another 25%) on Alimta. That's all there is left so the onc said that if we cannot cyberknife because of location he wants surgery. I KNOW they can cyberknife because Miami Cyberknife has already seen the scans so we're down with that as soon as the insurance clears. In the meantime he will stay on Alimta since he tolerates it so well and in his cas it has been a miracle cure. I was puzzled that the doc was considering actual invasive surgery because Jeff is stage IV so I asked Dr. Swartz, the oncologist about this change in approach and he said that Jeff's recovery has been so unusual that we are in "unchartered territory". I must say that in this case that is a great place to be. My prayers and gratitude remain with all of you everyday.


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Hi Trish,

I am overjoyed to hear the great news about Jeffrey. You guys must be on cloud 9. Incredible results!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Thanks so much for sharing his good news. We love good news here. It gives so much hope to the newcomers here. Never give up!! Miracles do happen.

Keep us informed about the cyberknife.

Maryanne :wink:

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