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Update on Evelyn

Guest PamaSue

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Guest PamaSue

Hi Everyone,

Boy this has been a trying two days. Thursday Evelyn went in to have that port put in. First of all they stabbed her nine times trying to find the vein. I wish they would quite putting people in charge of doing this that don't know their beans about it. It would save the patient alot of pain.

Evelyn explained to the people how she is to be delt with. She isn't like most people. She had throat cancer and has alot of problems due to the 70 readitaion treatments she took. Did they listen, heck no. When she woke up she was in so much pain they had to give her extra meds. Along with nausia meds. We went in at 5:50am and didn't get home until 1:00pm.

Friday morning she woke up with her tongue swollan, extremely bad sore throat, can't hardly move her neck and her arms are hurting her. This is all due to the people not listening to her and not doing as she asked. What is the matter with them? They would feel differently if they were the patient. When she had her biopsy they listened to her and she didn't have a bit of problem.

This made me so mad I called the doctors office yesterday and told them what had happened to her. In a nice way of course. All her symptons are not natural. Evelyn would let me take her to the doctors, she had had enough.

I tried to put a picture up here but it keeps saying that my file is too large. Does anyone know how to shrink it? If so please let me know so I can get my picture in here. Thanks so much.

Evelyns bandage has been bleeding around the left bottom side of her surgery this morning. Hope there is nothing wrong. I have to work today and tomorrow and leave her alone. I do not like that but have to.

Anyway just giving you all an update. I will be talking to you all soon. If any of you are on any of my im's please put me on yours and send me an invite so we can talk about things.

Have a good morning and God Bless all of you.


To contact me please use this email address:


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Sounds like your sisters road to recovery in full of twists and turns. She is so fortunate to have you willing to go with her for the ride. Keep us posted how it looks over the next hill. Donna

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Your sister is so fortunate to have a sister like you to care for her. You are special. I will keep you and your sister in my prayers. Please keep the faith and God hears our prayers. He is good.

If you would like to e-mail me, I would be happy to correspond.

God Bless and praying for a "CURE"........


E-mail: karenaedwards@sbcglobal.net


Dx'd 3-03 3ab NSCLC

4-01-03 to 5-20-03 taxol/carbo (8 wkly treatments)

3-25-01 to 5-15-03 radiation (38 Treatments)

7-23-03 taxol/carbo (every 3 wks)

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Oh Pama,

My heart goes out to Evelyn, for she has gone through to to much...hope she is feeling a little better today...and you too.

If you can scan your picture you can e-mail it to rick and ask him to put it on for you. that is what i had to do. i am computer dumb dumb dumb....but rick can make anything work.....

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