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Mom passed away today


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Mom passed away around 1:30am this morning with my sister by her side. I think she must have know her time was close and that was why she tried to talk to each of us.

My sister stayed the night with her. She prayed with her, sang to her, and held her hand. She said she noticed her breathing was getting harder and thought she would waite a little longer to see how she was before she called all of us to come. She was worried about dad and wanted to let him sleep if she could. She nodded off for about 15 minutes and when she woke mom was gone. She was so upset that she didn't call us sooner. We told her she couldn't have know and the most important thing was that she was there and mom wasn't alone. I told her I thought mom had fought as long as she had just for us and maybe this was best. Because if we all had been there she may have tried to fight for us instead of going so peacefully.

We will all miss her deeply but we have the peace of knowing she is in a better place and there she healthy and free of pain.

Thank you all for all your prayers and support. And thank you to Katie, Rich, and to all who work so hard to make this board possible.

My prayers continue for all you, Millie

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I'm sorry. The next few weeks and months will be new territory for you as you adjust to life without your mother. One thing I've learned is that when the stark, cutting pain of grief begins to subside, you will realize that your mother is a part of you that you can never lose.

My heart is with you.


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oh, honey. I am so so sorry. I am happy for the peace I hear in your description of your mother's passing, but I know the sadness must be huge for you and your family. you said just the right thing to your sister.

my love and thoughts are with you, Millie.



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Hi Millie,

My deepest condolences on the passing of your mom. Your sister has no reason to feel guilty, as she had no way of knowing. Your mom decided to quietly go when your sister was sleeping. That is what your mom wanted.

My mom did the same thing. We were with her all day, watching her. the nurse told us this sometimes takes 3 days for her to pass. We decided to take turns watching her as we did not want her to pass alone. Late at night my BIL was falling asleep, as this was way pass his bed time. We tried to convince my sister to go home and they could come back in the morning. She argued with us she was not going to leave. We were not paying attention to our mom at that time. When we looked down, our mom made our decision for us, and left peacefully while we were not looking.

Peace be will you all. You mom is so much at peace now.


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