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Shrunk again!


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Hi everybody

I promised I would keep you updated on my mom...so here I am. I am sorry I havent been around lately to post, but sometimes I can handle reading/talking about it and sometimes I cant

Last week we got the results of her 2nd ct scan since starting chemo.. It showed that her tumor shrank 20% more for a total of 80%!!!!

She is almost done with her chemo.....she has 1 more big round of Taxol/Carbo and a few Irbitux treatments

We dont know what will happen after that, and we are worried. From what we understand, when she is finished next month she will just go back for tests every few months to see if it grows. That doesnt seem to make sense though

We want to continue til the tumor is GONE. We dont know what the usual course is. We feel if its working, keep going. We are afraid if she stops the chemo, when she starts again she might not have the same great results

If anyone has any experience, please speak up

Also.....is 80% shrinkage in 3 months usual?!? We are thinking she is doing great and she is really. But is this normal do you think??

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just a confused kid afterall

Prayers all around


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I can only speak from my experience with mum, she was told that after her last round of chemo they would do a ct scan and see where things were at, then she would have another appointment with her onc 3 months later and another ct scan and if the cancer had got any worse they would look at a different type of chemo...well mum's last ct scan showed NED of lungs bone mets were the same as dx. We didn't like the idea of mum stopping chemo but have come to realise that her body needed the break to recuperate...also the chemo lasts up to 3 months in the system so in a way she is still getting the effects of chemo without the side effects, so we are just making every day count...doing things that she enjoys doing...My sister even booked her on a glider and mum had a ball!! got a certificate and all :D

Hope this helps a bit.

Take care


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Hi J, Some good info given. Sounds like a good plan to me for your mother. I can only speak from my own experience and what protocol is used for me. After I receive chemo, I have a CT Scan and we go from there. As a matter of fact I will be going from about 3 months having a Ct Scan to about 6 months. So it does vary from person to person. Breaks are necessary because chemo can also effect other cells/organs as well. Treatment depends on the stage, where it is, size, other health issues, etc. I would feel confident in my doctor being treated the way your mother is. I would say 80% shrinkage in 3 months is fantastic. As Jennie mentioned ask about Tarceva. Might want to also post in Ask The Experts. Hope this helps. Prayers for the best. Rich

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Hi J,this sounds like very good results to me.80% shrinkage is quite a bit.

Chemo is cumulative and keeps on working in the body for a while after txs stop.Some of us need that little bit of time off to recuperate so as to not wear down.

I had a rough time with carbo/taxol but it was worth it as I also have had good results with it combined with radiation.

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Thank you all for the replies..it really makes me feel a little less alone in this!!

I'll have to read up on Tarceva. I've heard people here mention it, but I dont know what it is. We were hoping that if her node tumors disappear, that she might be a candidate for some kind of targeted radiation or something. She had one spot on her lungs and a few nodes effected when they found this. Her fluid never came back so her lung looks clear and pretty healthy...except for that one damned spot!

My mom is SO determined. She keeps saying she is not ready to go and that she wants just another 10 years or so :) You should hear her say that. Not only does she mean it, but she makes you believe it is possible!!

Thanks again for the help!!

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Well, the procedure you describe is normal. The body can take just so much chemo ongoing, and then it has to have a rest. I imagine that is what is happening here. The chemo continues to work even after the last treatment. Be patient.

I also agree that it sounds like good news to me. If from scans the tumor grows significnatly, then I am sure the doctor will recommend a new treatment. Don

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this all sounds like good news to me! my mom didn't have chemo, but she is 2.5 weeks into Tarceva with no real side effects. you should definately look into it. make sure to ask your mother's doc to test for the genetic markers that predict success on Tarceva.

hooray for 80%!!!



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Bunny/Amie, I was reading a post of yours yesterday in which you discussed Tarceva and coumidin(sp?) My mom also takes coumidin, so it was helpful. Thanks for the tip about the genetic markers as well

I really appreciate everyones support :) Thank you all for chiming in. I feel a bit more comfortable today knowing that her course seems normal and isnt throwing up red flags for people with experience

She has about a month of chemo left. Who knows....maybe that next scan of hers will show that the tumors have disappeared completely!!! Wouldnt that make for fine news around the holidays!!!!

Blessing all around~

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