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Uncle Doug's Newest Journal Entry - Salmon with Humble Pie


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Hi All!

I had an email from Doug in December and have not had a chance to respond yet (shame on me...) I JUST returned home after being on the east coast for 3 months and am getting caught up on the home front- Doug did tell me he was going to post an entry regarding he and his brother Don's trip to Alaska (Doug if you are reading this.........)and I like all of you are anxiously awaiting an Uncle Doug fix- I will email him today......

All of that aside- while back east I did get a chance to spend some time with Rachel's mom, dad, sister and brother which seemed to be good for all of us- her dad celebrated his 80th birthday New Years Eve-

Katie- thank you so much for the pics of Rach at the picnic in Michigan- Stan shared them with me when I got home- he was very appreciative as am I.

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