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A couple of weeks ago I posted results from my recent 3 month checkup...NED :D ! At that time I mentioned some scans coming up in a few weeks and we were waiting to celebrate until then.

Well, the time is NOW - BUT they are not for me. DH Fred was dx in July with non-calcified nodules :cry: . He has 1 in his upper right lobe and 1 in the lower right lobe. At that time they were VERY tiny...too tiny to do anything about...hence this 3 month f/u scan :? .

You are all so AWESOME in your support. We do so need it right now. These past months have been rather difficult for us. My own surgery and recovery has been quite different from any other as my tumor was quite involved. I have developed new back trouble and the 'old' back stuff has advanced :x . Fred has been magnificent in his care of me and of our home. Whatever type of support you can offer for good scans tomorrow AM we would be most appreciative. We would love these nodules to have disappeared...yea, RIGHT! We would settle for no growth - STABLE.

Sorry this has rambled on. We just so do not want to start on yet another lc journey here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.



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Kasey, I hate that you've sat with this for so long without the power of this place but I understand. it's hard to imagine your family could get hit with another LC battle...but if it happens, Kasey, no one is more up to it than you two!

that said, I have nothing but confidence that, whatever is going on in there, your DH will be fine. what is his name, again? I'm about as good with names as I am with birthdays. tell whats-his-name that I am sending him love and healing and prayer.

and I also hear you loud and clear about this recovery being 'different' - my mother also expected something along the lines of the 4 week recovery she had after the lobectomy, and it's just not that way. difficult, but like you said you and she have much in common and I KNOW you can get through this, as she is.

kisses to both of you, I am so glad you let us in. keep us posted!



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