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Finally got his records


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Well yesterday after Darrell got his radiatin, they told us the Doctor wanted to see us. He apoligzed so us having so much trouble getting a copy of the ct scan, he handed it to us right away... I instantly started scanning it and it mention the pleural effusion in this report. (which he never told us about, he just mention not knowing if the fluid was malignant. But thanks to everyone on this site I learned what that could mean. It also mention that one of the lymphnodes involved was on the left side of his chest. which they told us only the right side was involved. It also says that he has 2 lesions on his liver now.. We were only told of the first one. I don't have the paper in front of me, but they were both over 1. something cm with one being 2cm After reading the whole report I told Darrell no wonder the nurses didn't want to give it to us.. For one thing we didn't know everything that was in the report, and through the whole thing it keeps mentioning maligancy....But at least we know now, whats going on. I don't understand why they don't tell you everything..

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I agree 100%.

My dad was dx. with 2 tumors in his left lung and 2 tumors in his liver Sept 2002..

After 4 rounds of chemo, the Dr. told us that his lungs were clear! The liver looks good...that's it. (2002)

I went home that day thinking...what if he's wrong, what if he is lying to us? I demanded that report and it took me forever to get it!

It said that the two tumors were unreadable in the lungs...the two liver mets were smaller...there was something suspicious in the spine, and a new nodule that was "unclear as to whether it was a metatasis or scar tissue"

That report sure didn't read all peachy like the Dr. made it seem. :?

I questioned him about that and he looked amazed that I would even show interest or ask questions...The Dr. learned that day not to mess with me as I am a fierce bobcat when it comes to my dad! :wink:

THIS week, I have been trying HARD to get the three radiology reports of my dad's latest test. It took me two days to get 3 pieces of paper...HORRIBLE staff. The report revealed that dad had THREE 2.5-2.7 tumors in his liver....NO ONE TOLD US THAT> that is very serious.

If we had let this go and they grew larger, he would not be a candidate for RFA or any other treatments like that--> Needless to say I am very angry about this.

You are so right to get those reports. You are in control and need to stay on top of those people whose job it is to care for and cure the sick.

What happens to the folks who don't ask questions? or who don't stay on

top of their treatments? I'll tell you, they become a statistic.

OFF of my soap box now. Just alittle repressed anger seeping out.

I'm praying for you guys!!!!!

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Katie, I glad your on top of things for your Dad. I'm like you what is it with the medical staff that they can't tell you everything that is going on? I mean we have the right to know! Your Dad has the right to know, and when you think of all the problems we have getting the reports, it makes you wonder how many people don't push and never find things out. I'll be sending a prayer your way for your dad and you! Christy

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you all want to know what i think about the dr and medical records? well, here goes.

i am sure you have noticed a dr reading your records as he enters you room, whether in the hosp or in his office. I don't think he ever reads the whole record. I think that they glance through them and often miss some important items. That is what i think......

What do you all think?

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I agree with you Norme. I think the doctors scan the reports right when they see you. I also think some doctors don't like the patients to see these reports just in case we question the treatment (since many of us do research and appear to know something). Malpractice insurance is very, very high in costs to these doctors and there is a reason why....


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As someone who's been a nurse for 21 years, I can say that, yes, you are correct. The dr. is often too busy to read your whole record. Some drs. could take the time, but don't. Some of them have pre-conceived notions about how old a person should be before they die, and are willing to let go if the patient is over the "magic" age. Some are in it for the money. They are all trained to believe that they know what's right for you & for society, and that they have the right to impose their will upon others. This paternalism is dangerous. I was reprimanded by a surgeon for speaking up for my own father when he was hospitalized and getting substandard care. I calmly informed him that this was MY father, and I WOULD advocate for him, whether he liked it or not. I wondered the same thing: what about all the people without personal advocates?

I don't mean to sound like I hate physicians. I've known many excellent ones and many whom I admire and respect. But there are those with the wrong approach. And that's why I believe every single patient needs a personal advocate when they are under medical care. As a practicing ICU nurse, I still speak up every chance I get for the patient's and family's viewpoint. Most "floor" nurses have too many patients to do this. Other places, like radiation oncology, have phased out nurses and just have technicians. Patients in the hospital are too sick, and they stay too little time for the nurses to get to know them and their families. It's really quite sad.

So keep on fighting the good fight, advocates. You make a HUGE difference!

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I agree with you Norme about the doctors "just" scanning the reports! How much stuff is overlooked due to this... You can bet we "WILL" get a copy of every report everytime he gets a new scan or test. We want to know whats going on. This is Darrell's life they have in their hands and I plan to make sure they are doing everything possible to increase his chances for survival!! We are already fighting a horrible disease and I believe everyone especially the Doctors need to fight this with every bit of knowledge they have and if they don't know then I expect them to search till they find something!!

"Losing Darrell would be losing a "BIG" part of myself!!!!" And I won't accept that!!!

My mother was surgical Nurse, and also worked on the heart team for years, and over the years I learned from my mother all the mistakes that are made and I myself learned to question and second guess everything they do. I want to know everything about treatments, and I watch out for everything they do. My Mom told me yesterday (who is in the hospital right now) Shes afraid if she don't get out of there they will kill her! She laughed and so did I, but she was half serious! She said they've tried to give her medicine twice due to a nurse not charting it. and she was unplugged from her monitor due to a bath and 5 hours later they hadn't hooked her up. She just causally mention this to the doctor when she noticed him stairing at her leads... Well it was taken care of immediatly after the doctor left the room. The nurse enters saying I thought the other nurse was gonna hook you back up...

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Oh my God

My dad had the same problem with not being hooked back up to the monitor. That lasted all day he was waiting just to see how long it took until they noticed, they never did notice so we called them in to hook it up. I really hate for him to have to go back in there. I am loosing a lot of faith in our medical profession. My dads pulm specialist told us that its very good to have someone that is proactive for my dad, his words were "its very sad but you really have to be proactive." Needless to say that kind of scares me.

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