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Disability & NSCLC

Guest Mike K

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Hi all:

Has anybody out there had any experience with collecting social security disability or private disabiliy insurance benefits?

Since I've been diagnosed I've basicly been working part-time when I can but come the 1st of the year I'm going to apply for disability benefits.Just wondering if anybody else has applied for benefits and what their experience was like.

Thanks in advance.


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You can do it on line by going to the Social Security Administration website. The main thing is to get all of your doctors, addresses, and treatment dates together. Also, your employer will need to provide time records (the SSA handles getting it from them). The doctors will also be asked to submit information. How quickly they act will depend on how quickly your employer and doctors submit the requested information.

It really wasn't too bad for us. You have to have 6 months of disability before the payments kick in. They do count your part-time (your hours lost from going part-time).

If you have any specific questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me. Good luck and take care.

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I was approved the first time I applied. SS goes back till the last date you worked. There is a 6 month wait period for benifits to start. Also, if you make less then 830.00 per month then you are considered not employed. You can also make this amount after you are approved and it won't hurt your SS benifits. Your medicare starts 2 years after your benifits do so make sure you have your insurance covered somehow. Feel free to PM me if I can answer anything for you.

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Apply NOW.

That is the best advice I can give you.

You will be approved the first try with your advanced illness unless your employment will interfere with your start date.

I was approved right away. I applied right away. It took six months to receive my first check. Benefits started six months after my application date.

Good luck!

SS disability isn't much, but it is better than nothing.

cindi o'h

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Ditto what everyone else has already said. I helped my dad fill out the online form, it is long and involved but you can save it as you go along. They contacted us after receiving the form to complete more questions/information. They were actually pretty nice. You really do need to have all of your docs, prescriptions, every little detail on hand because they will ask. They do ask some questions you might find silly like "Can you count money?" We really wanted to write back "I can count the money in the check you are going to send me" :wink: but behaved ourselves and answered everything truthfully. My dad was approved right away and again it was probably 6 months before the first check arrived. Hope that helps!


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