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DNA Question


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Many believe that that various types of cancer are really a malfunction of the mechanisms that regulate a person's DNA.

A person's DNA can be determined from body fluids, tissue, etc.

My question is whether a malignant tumor still carries the host's DNA or whether it is foriegn to the person. Another way of asking this is can a DNA sample from a tumor identify this person just like DNA from another part of the person's body?

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Perhaps the DNA has changed! Had not thought about it in that way. I had thought perhaps some people have it in their genes that they would be more suseptable to getting a cancer. See this artilce.

http://www.genomenewsnetwork.org/articl ... erdrug.php

Donna G

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I would think that it is only a portion of the DNA that changes. Since the strands contain so much information one little maladjustment in the part of the sequence would cause the cancer. I'm currently in a blind study to try and determine markers in the DNA for Cancer, to try nd help in early detection.


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