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Getting to Know You - October 20


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I love all types of music, but I must say my favorite is the Beatles. In 1965 and in 1966 I was there at Shea Stadium screaming my lungs out for my "lads from liverpool" I still have the ticket stubs and the program from those concerts. To me, they made my life so happy. I can't even decide what song is the best -- maybe "Something" or maybe "yesterday" or "the long and winding road". It's just too hard to say. Just love them the best! To me happiness is a"Warm Beatle." :wink::wink:


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I'm with Jan on this one, Green Day's new CD is completely fantastic!! I love alot of thier stuff from beginning to end. The few songs that really hooked me on them was "When I Come Around" and "Poprocks and Coke".

I am a big, big rock fan from old to new stuff. I like a wide variety of groups. My favorite though, would have to be my sons band Kickflip. They sound alot like Green Day, and the one song they wrote "River of Dreams" makes me cry, (but I am biased when it comes to them). :D8);)

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Sorry guys...late again as usual :oops:

I'm like Bunny, as in I am very lyrical driven and like a variety....I just bought mum a single cd of "Better Days" by Pete Murray...Mum absolutely loves it...she says she finds it uplifting when she is not having such a good day.


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I love music just about any kind (somethings I would not call music)but I was born and bred on country music. It is in my blood. I also love the rock from the 50s and 60s and some from the 70s.

My favorite singer is Alan Jackson. He is so pure country. I also love Alabama, Lonestar and Diamond Rio. My favortie song is I believe because it has so much special meaning for me (It was one of my signs I believe are from Johnny). Another song that I love is an old one by Cowboy Copas Tragic Romance. Then of coarse one that really tells it like it is is one by Vern Gosdin Written in Stone.

I guess my taste has always ran more toward the heart wringers. Maybe that was a preminition of what was to come.

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