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cookbooks :):)


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Hi all,

Just wanted to make sure you saw Katie's Announcement in General that the cookbooks are ready for pre-orders!!!

Please send your orders in. Can you imagine how upset my husband will be if I ordered and paid for 600 cookbooks and sold none?? :P

Per the e-mail, UPS is shipping 29 boxes, total weight 994lbs. Brian will have some lifting to do while I direct :wink:

For those still reading, just FYI, my mom got sent home from having her heart shocked due to AFib b/c her blood was too thick. She has to up her cumadin and reschedule.

Meanwhile I am having heart palpatations. I get these episodes every few months where my heart feels like it is doing flip flops. Anyone else get that???? I had an ekg and echocardiogram not too long ago and they said palpatations are common. I don't like them :)

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Just placed by Paypal order. :D Andrea: Thanks for doing this for us! Exciting! Can't wait to see them. Take care. Hope your stress gets better soon. My issue isn't heart palps, but itching. I have been itching for 14 months! I have rashes that move around for place to place. STRESS does obnoxious things to us. :(:oops:

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Great on the cookbooks!

As far as the palpatations - I get those, they seem to go in cycles. Can you lower your caffeine intake any? That really helped me. I know they are scary, the doctor has told me also that they are harmless but they don't FEEL harmless! :shock:

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Andrea-- Try to pay attention to what you eat or drink prior to having them. I put myself into A-fib (I know your mom is dealing with that) every time I would drink green tea. Now it wasn't the caffeine cause I could drink coffee just fine...but something in green tea sets my heart racing.

I am ordering cookbooks tomorrow on payday--I am so excited. Thanks for doing them.

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I concur with Ry as usual. She really has great advice on all areas of life :)

For those who want to kick in a little extra to LCSC, please do ;) Send in those donations! It is a wonderful organization in need of money.

I will tell you, the cookbooks are NOT going to raise a TON of money for LCSC. Just a few thousand hopoefully once all are sold. However I priced them reasonably b/c I didn't want people to not be able to afford them. Someone suggested $20 each but I thought that was too much. This is not a huge money maker, but a fun one and a book we will all always have :)

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"Look at the top of the General forum and there is an announcement titled, "cookbooks" by Katie which has all the ordering info. "

Woops...you see what I mean by short attention span. Of course Katie's announcement is right on top. I'll get with the programme one of these days....


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