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Stable, Finally


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After a terrible day at Moffitt Friday, with delays and machine breakdowns, the Dr. concluded that there was little if any change. He said basically the only thing to do was to continue with the Tarceva/Avastin and scan again in 6 weeks. The thing that bothered me was he didn't seem too enthusiastic, saying he did not have anything else to offer. So my feeling is when we have progression again, there is nothing left?

I want to seriously look at cyberknife again for the larger tumors in the liver. Ken is not sure. I guess we will wait, but I am really getting concerned about the Avastin. His BP has gotten really high even though he is on a low dose of Lopressor. Last nite the machine would not read it so we went driving around to different pharmacies and using their machines. Then we bought a new machine. It seems to be hanging around 145/95 which is so far from his normal. Has anyone else on Avastin had this problem? I am just really worried since I am the one who pushed so hard for him to get it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Karen H

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Karen...I'm really relieved to hear things are stable. That's great! Just slow down and don't take too many steps ahead worrying about what will be next. Too many "what if's" can drive you bananas! For now, just celebrate that things are stable. I'm sure someone can answer your question about the BP. Not a day goes by that you two aren't in my thoughts! Hey...think we're going to see Wilma this weekend???

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