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Brian & Pat update, Wed. 10/19


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the news is bittersweet:

the doctors have decided that all of Brian's symptoms - pain, nausea, etc. - are caused by tumor progression. the doctor originally wanted to keep him there to hit the cancer immediately with Alimta and treat what they thought might be an infection of some sort, but he has reconsidered. I guess he feels that it is unlikely that additional chemo will have a substantial impact on Brian's cancer. as Pat put it, the doctor feels that Brian is in 'end stages'. the tumor in his liver and both tumors in his lungs are growing rapidly.

so here's the sweet part:

the doctor has opted in favor of quality of life for Brian, and has now RECOMMENDED that they go to the wedding. he saw that it was Brian's heart's desire. so the doc decided that, instead of putting Brian though the pain of Alimta and heartbreak of missing the wedding, they would manage his symptoms and discomfort and facilitate the trip to FL.

so Brian and Pat are going to their kids' wedding in Florida! the pain patch, some ativan and a few other medications have Brian feeling very comfortable. When I spoke with Pat he was outside their home, feeding the squirrels!! what a miracle. they are both just thrilled. Pat says Brian is a different man than he was yesterday. yesterday, she says, he appeared on his deathbed and today there is a light on in his eyes.

Pat is in great spirits and full of love and faith as always and Brian, as I said, is outside feeding the squirrels. who could possibly ask for more?

Pat asked me to tell you that she appreciates everyone's support and prayers and asked me to convey that she believes whole-heartedly that this turn of events is the result of all of our praying -they have received Brian's comfort, and the ability for this family to be together at that Florida wedding. god is good.

we love you, BRAT!



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Bunny...thanks so much for keeping us posted on Pat & Brian. I am so glad they will be able to make the wedding. I know how much this will mean to their entire family. Does anyone know what part of Florida they are traveling to? After looking at Hurricane Wilma, we're a more than a little concerned here in Florida. Keeping Pat & Brian in our thoughts and prayers.

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I have tears in my eyes. I am so happy for Brian and Pat that they can attend this wedding. It is very much the "sweet" part of things.

As for the bitter side...well, right now I just don't want to think about anything but the sweet side. I want them to go to that wedding, dance, and I want to see pictures later on. 8)

Who knows? Maybe attending this family event will spawn the miracle we all want for Brian!! Maybe by the time he gets home, the tumors will have stopped growing. Maybe a good dose of love, family and celebration will be just the ticket to turn things around.

At least, that's what's in my heart right now...and I'm going to keep wishing, hoping, vibing and having my conversations with God about it.

All thru the weekend, I'm just going to be having those "sweet" thoughts of and for our favorite "Brat".

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I will tend to focus on the sweet as opposed to the bitter too. This is so amazing...the difference a day makes.

Sure wishing there is still room for a miracle here, you know what I mean?

My very best wishes and heartfelt prayers will be going along to Florida. May God smile on Pat and Brian this weekend and all days.


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I will also focus on the sweet news and wish Pat and Brian a wonderful trip to Florida! I'm sure that every single moment of it will be special.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with them - so glad to hear that Brian is feeling better and out feeding the squirrels.

Thanks for providing the update, Amie.


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Pat and Brian, you two go have the time of your lives! What a wonderful time to be with the family and enjoying the celebration.

If Brian gets lonely feeding those squirrels, you just holler. My Estee and Sadie will bring them to him (in a yucky way).

With a whole ton of love, I wish you a safe and blessed trip,


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PRICELESS!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled they will be there for the big day.

I want to see pics when you get back.

I have been praying for this too happen like so many here. The power of prayer WORKS!!!!

You are so right Katie, this is so bittersweet.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time you guys.

Thank you so much Bunny honey for keeping us informed about our Pat and Brian.

Maryanne :wink:

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one quick and sincere


Your prayers and love sustain us.

Brian is tucked in his own bed, with good drugs on board and dreaming of dancing at Greg's and Sonya's wedding.

I am trusting our ABBA.

Your posts, emails and phone calls have blessed us this week.

Bunny, your posting for me is perfect.

I will be off line till Tuesday, or maybe there will be an opportuntiy to log on in FL?

I am scared, happy, sad, excited, full of dread, delighted, bummed and hopeful.

I know you understand and I don't know what I would do w/ out you.



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