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Brian & Pat update, Wed. 10/19


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one quick and sincere


Your prayers and love sustain us.

Brian is tucked in his own bed, with good drugs on board and dreaming of dancing at Greg's and Sonya's wedding.

I am trusting our ABBA.

Your posts, emails and phone calls have blessed us this week.

Bunny, your posting for me is perfect.

I will be off line till Tuesday, or maybe there will be an opportuntiy to log on in FL?

I am scared, happy, sad, excited, full of dread, delighted, bummed and hopeful.

I know you understand and I don't know what I would do w/ out you.



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Dear Brats,

I can certainly understand how you feel Pat. My prayers are that you both can concentrate most of your energies this weekend on the wedding and happy times. I pray that Brain stays free of pain and has energy to enjoy the time with family. I guess we will just have to deal with the other part when it comes. God is good and He has a plan.


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mind, body, spirit connection??? I think so...

glad, so very glad that Bri is up for the wedding...I think this is exactly what he needs right now to sustain him. What a thrill for the kids to have Dad there!

Will deal with what we have to deal with when you get home. Did you notice the "WE"....you are not alone in this, Pat and Brian. You have many good friends here who will be carrying you through everyday.

Prayers for good health and stamina during the Florida trip.

love, Cindi o'h

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I like this for so many reasons. First, I am glad the doctor respected Brian so much that he made this possible.

We are all responsible for a part of the "story" of our lives.

These doctors understood that the "story" is the history we make. Brian and Pat are meant to be in Florida celebrating this joyful occasion.

I think this decision has honor.


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