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Happy Birthday to ALL Octoberites!

Fay A.

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I'm not able to get on line every day (house remodel is affecting things electrical), and I don't want anyone experiencing a birthday to feel left out. So it's a blanket Happy Birthday to everyone fortunate enough to be born in October! And maybe we could do a Happy Birthday on the 1st of each month for everyone, so no one feels left out. It helps to keep protected private information like DOBs for those who do not want to share that specific information, but still allows us to wish them well for their special day. Just a thought...

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Here's my two cents worth.

On another Board I use to be on, we use to do Birthdays the FIRST of EACH MONTH.



Johnny Oct 3

Barbie Oct 5

Jimmy Oct 15

Jill Oct 28

This allows everyone to look on that post and see who's birthday it is that month.

Just a suggestion.



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I'm sure you didn't step on any toes, Fay! Amie had the idea about the birthday postings and thought we might incorporate it into the GTKY posts. I asked her to please start this and run with it. She did a great job but, like me, is very busy at work and doesn't want to miss anyone. I know she will love your idea. I think this makes things much easier and leaves no one accidentally overlooked!!! Fay...if you ever stepped on any toes...it would be the sweetest steps those toes ever felt!!!

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yes, my toes are completely intact and fairly wiggling at the thought of a birthday collective. I felt like such a slacker, not keeping up!!

I think a beginning of the month celebration sounds fine, too, but I am happy to give the individual b'days a little more time...Kasey has been running defense for me, sending me a PM with the upcomings. :D

I love this place. if only the rest of the world cooperated this well...

let me know what the verdict is re: one big woo-hoo (as Les would say, if she weren't in Italy) or try and keep up the individual greetings.

either way, my toes are happy.



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OK, so before all this talk of toes, I ordered a little "birthday book" from Amazon to help me with the birthdays here. so now I am going to print that sticky post and get everyone in there. then, when someone adds a birthday, I'll add them to the book.

then I can do a birthday post for all the babies of that month. here are my concerns:

1. wishing someone who has passed a happy birthday

2. that some people will still post person- specific messages to their friends on here, as opposed to a PM, which will put us back where we started, with only certain members having individual birthday wishes.

I make way too much of this, I know. I am just anxious to make everyone here feel as loved and welcome as I did when I arrived...



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