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Itching Incision


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Anyone have experience with your incision itching? It has been 2 years since I got my smily face from my right middle lobectomy and it itches like crazy sometimes. I look like an old cat at a door jamb rubbing my back. I also have a small scar on my left shoulder blade from a basal cell carsinoma removal. Sometimes it itches. Any ideas? All my doctors say I'm just a sensitive guy and be glad there is no pain.


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Thanks KatieB. I never go without a shirt because of the chance of another basal cell carsinoma problem. My nurse friends have made suggestions similar to yours. It's hard for me to put sunscreen on my back. My elbows won't twist that way. :D


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I am 3 years post-lobectomy and once in awhile the scar bothers me

I use noxema on it or vitamin e and it seems to go away-but mine is only once in awhile--perhaps a dermatoligist can help?

regards eileen

stage 1A nscl

lobectomy 6/00

cancer free 3 years

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