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Getting to Know You - October 20


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Well, you will notice there are two posts for October 20th. Snowflake completely bursted my bubble yesterday when she let me know it was only the 19th. See, I thought it was already Thursday and that meant a day closer to TGIF!!! So sorry for the mistake!

Question for today.....

What is your favorite television sitcom of all times?

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Believe me guys, I've lived long enough to see alot of sitcoms come and go. Looking back, some of them were out and out stupid and not even entertaining but at the time, I seemed to enjoy them. I have three favorites that pop into mind and I don't think I could pick one over the other two.

I Love Lucy

Night Court

Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Loves Raymond is one show that I can laugh my butt off even watching reruns. I was really sorry to see that show leave the air!

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Don't watch sitcons as a rule. I guess my humor does not agree with theirs. I just don't find them funny.

I did start watching reruns of Seinfeld, which I now watch everyday. I also use to like Cheers.

Oh also, I did watch some episodes of Friends, sex in the City.

Old old ones would be the Honeymooners.

Now favorite show, excluding sitcoms would be a different outcome. I have many there, old and new.

Maryanne :wink:

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Love comedy, so so many to choose from, great question Ann!

Seinfeld - One of my favorite episodes is when they all get arrested on the "Good Samaritan Law" - Jackie Chiles the famous lawyer from the show represent them - They bring just about every character that was on the show to testify against them - Even Georges mother was willing to sleep with the judge to get George off - To funny.

Married With Children


The Bob Newhart Show



All In The Family

Home Improvement

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Alf. 'Nuff said. :D

I too, really enjoy Two and a Half Men. The kid is hilarious. Great comic delivery for a kid.

From the old days, I really loved WKRP in Cincinnati, too....and as I went to high school with Sally Struthers, how could I not say, All in the Family?

I do enjoy sit coms...a lot. It's a half hour of silliness in most cases...and I like to laugh.

Taxi was another good one, Everybody loves Raymond...Mash...I even used to enjoy Three's Company!!

Aw, hell...I just like to watch t.v. in the evening...although anymore, it's more reality shows. :roll:

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Favorite of all times, has to be Murphy Brown. I loved the dry humor in that show and the new secretary every week. It was hilarious when Pee Wee Herman showed up as her new secretary.

Now I like Two and a Half Men and not sure it qualifies as a sitcom...but love Boston Legal.

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Okay, I too have a list, most plagerized from other lists since my memory, excuse me what was I talking about.

2 1/2 Men cracks me up.

Bob Newhart show(s) all of them. Funniest ever is when he woke up with Suzanne Pleshette at the end of the inn in Vermont series and pretended the whole series was a dream.

Murphy Brown - loved Corky Sherwood Forest - that name just tickled me.

Cheers and Mash and Frasier are definitely classics and I have also loved all Michael J. Fox shows 'cause I like him so much.

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I'd have to say Everybody Loves Raymond...i crack up at the older brother Robert, and the show always starts silly arguements b/t me and my boyfriend of 3 years. I like sitcoms but my secret passsion is....Reality TV :oops: . You name it i watch it survivor, amazing race, average joe, the apprentice, nanny 911, wife swap, supernanny. I think i'm an addict. Do they have a 12 step program for stuff like that?

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Is The Andy Griffith show a sitcom? I love everyone on that show except Howard. He drives me nuts. But, all others ....Aunt Bea and her pretty dresses and coiffed hair; Barney Fife is the best actor I have ever seen...he takes all of our own insecurities and multiplies them for all of us to see, I could go on and on.... I love bumbling Floyd.. and Opey is so dang cute. I watch them over and over and never tire... love black and white.

Cindi o'h

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