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Checking In.....


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First off, it is great hearing for you.

I am sorry you had such a hard time with the treatments in the beginning. And those shots!! :shock: You are so brave. I know I could never do that to myself. I can't wait till you are finished those da-n shots.

I know you did not get the results you wanted especially going through all the treatments, but stable really is good.

Keep us posted, expecially let us know about your shrinkage, as it will come.

Take care

Maryanne :wink:

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Just got back from my trip and didn't see your update till now. I saw your name as the poster and just had to read right away! You're someone I always think about.

I'm really trying to convince myself that stable -- for YEARS - is what many of us will come to understand is a fantastic status. It's hard not to want more -- COMPLETELY CURED would be nice to hear :wink: --- but stable is actually a pretty amazing status when you consider the history of this disease. It might be easier to cosy up to if it had a more human nickname like NED, though. How about SAM -- Stable And Maintaining! :D

Glad to hear from you, friend.


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