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Thanks for All the Help - Results are In!


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LCSC support is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! We got Fred's results. It is that word!!! Stable! No increase in size, so he goes back in 6 months for another scan.

Now I was HOPING for DISAPPEARED!!!!!! Or...MISTAKE last time. But as I have learned here....stable IS good.

Thank you all for such support. I did not post before because Fred is such a private person. However, when I asked him if he wanted me to ask all you for support his response surprised me. He said he feels you guys are so awesome and supportive that he would feel good knowing you were there for him. That is a HUGE step for him. (I mean I was surprised that he would go public...not surprised you are all so awesome)!

So thanks for all the PM's, prayers, support offered. I agree with Pat about the power on this site!



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So thanks for all the PM's, prayers, support offered. I agree with Pat about the power on this site!

Well, Duh...little Missy!! :roll: (Did that sound like John Wayne??? :D )

Aw, Kasey...you don't have to say thanks...it's what we do around here and I'm delighted to hear that ol' Fred is still stable!! I keep hearing...that we can live a loooooong time on stable.

I'm expecting to hear it again myself, later today...which would mean I've been stable since April, after the first three cycles of chemo for my liver/pancreas. Topotecan continues to work for me...thank goodness.

But I digress: stable is a good thing, whether it's nodules, tumors or the state of one's gastro-intestional tract, ya know what I mean? :wink:

Give Fred a high five from me and the two of you get your fannies over the Cin's Pub and we'll hoist a couple...ok? Great news!

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Wonderful....absolutely wonderful news.


Tell Fred to keep up the good work and we'll continue the prayers coming for the same news in 6 months. Wow, 6 months....what a great feeling huh? Way to GO!!!!



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Hi Kasey,

I came on here and the first post I looked for was yours about Fred. So glad you posted and that Fred results are stable.

That is great news. :D

I will also buy you guys a drink at Cindi's Pub.

Yo, Cind, set em up... round for our friend Kasey with good news about her Fred.

Bottoms up!!

Maryanne :wink:

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