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Cindi, Update?


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oh hi there Miss Tina...!

The update, I suppose is posted on the end of the IN thread.

I got out of the hospital on Friday and the bottom line is that the brains working on me were concentrating on my asthma. I wanted to wait to have tests after my asthma flare so that the asthma wouldn't cloud what was really going on with me.... Turns out what is really going on with me is Asthma!

I would make a lousy doctor.

I got a new med. Another hundred dollars a month.

I have been using my Advair diskus, albuterol inhaler and now Singulair regularly and it has made a significant difference in my breathing. And by significant, I mean small improvement. But, anywhere up is good.

Tonight I emailed miss Pamela Ritchie of Huntsville Alabama and told her that thoughts of going to the YWCA and gaining strength popped into my head as well as going back to work. Now, this will not be an overnight thing for me. Just the thought of this is significant! It is remarkable!

I am doing better. How is that for an answer! If all goes well, I can see myself back to work in less than 6 months. (my muscles have atrophied quite a bit.)

love ya, Tina

Cindi o'h

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Thanks Cindi! Had been wondering...and speaking of work. I've been working too much to keep up here. I'm SUPPOSE to be part-time. I guess I'm considered part-time somewhere in the world. Gotta slow down a little.

I'm really getting excited about the walk we are having here in Knoxville. It is for cancer awareness and screenings for the local community. There will be approximately 3,000 walkers. A first step for us (The Mynatts) in working up to a lung cancer walk. We formed a team (Breath of Life) and now have 13 members and have raised $550 in 4 days. We are also designing a t-shirt for the big event. It's going to be all about LC!

Anyway, so glad things are looking so positive for you and that you are improving! Take care.



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The walk information is below:

Thanks to the BUDDY'S Race Against Cancer, Thompson Cancer Survival Center's Outreach staff sees to it that thousands of at-risk and medically underserved individuals throughout East Tennessee and Southern Appalachia receive potentially life-saving cancer screenings and education each year. Cancer screenings and education save lives, save money and save families!

One Hundred Percent: Every penny of the money you donate to the BUDDY'S Race Against Cancer goes to work right here . . . helping save lives in our community!

I want to use this walk as a stepping stone to organizing a lc walk next year with the proceeds going to LCSC. Will probably have to do it earlier in the year to keep from competing with this annual walk.

Take care. Thanks for your continued encouragement. I'll buy a round at the Pub to get the weekend started. I'll buy Frank two Bud Lites in honor of his good news!

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