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Prayers needed!!


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Hi everyone,

I am asking that you continue to pray for my family. We have had a rough couple of weeks and unfortunately it's not over yet.

My dad had his surgery and they ended up removing 18 inches of his colon and it was determined that it was cancer. The great news is that it was not in the nodes and they feel they got all of it. He will have to have frequent colonoscopies to keep a close eye on it.

My mom has had some bad news. They found five nodules on her thryoid- two having cold uptake. This means that the dye would not go into those two nodules. Sometimes, this could be cancer. She just had breast cancer in January and she is so scared. Wednesday, she will have a bronchoscopy to determine if it is the "C" word.

Please keep us in your prayers. They worked so well for my dad.



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Jamie, I will definately say a prayer for you. you poor thing, what a lot for one family to manage!

incidently, my mom had half her thyroid removed in 1993 due to cancer and has been living just fine on synthroid ever since. nothing at all to do with her LC.

of course it's still scary. we're here, we're praying.



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Jamie, Jamie,

Enough!! Enough!! Many prayers for your whole family. When it rains it pours, wouldn't you say?

So just so many warm, heartfelt wishes for some good news soon. Not sure just how much you should be asked to handle...not THIS much, for sure!



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Wishing a ton of good thoughts for you, your Dad, and your Mom. Your plate is waaay too full and we need to get it cleaned off quickly!

Like Suki, I had thyroid cancer in 2001 and had my thyroid removed and had the radioactive iodine treatment to kill off any remaining bad cells. All is okay for me so far. I know Cancer is still Cancer and it is too damn scary.

I think a good massage and hot bath are in order for you this week-end.

Take care,


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Hey everyone!!

A little update.

Dad's surgery went really well. They did find cancer in one of the polyps but they were able to remove all of it. Fortunately, Lymph nodes were o.k.

He is recovering wonderfully!!

My mom had her biopsy of her throat and she gets her results today. I am sitting on pins and needles. Please pray for her today. We are hoping everything will be okay. The comforting news is that the doc that did the biopsy said that 9 out of 10 times thyroid nodules were benign.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers.



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Thanks for the update on your Dad. Sounds like it was in a very early and curable stage. My friend just celebrated 5 years clean from stage one colon cancer, his 4 year wedding anniversary, and his daughter's 3rd birthday! He had surgery for his cancer and that was all. Hoping your Dad will find himself right where Ernie is in 5 years. No reason not!

Praying for your mom too, that everything will turn out A-ok. I like what the doc had to say. Focus on that, all right?

My Mom had a benign tumor on her thyroid, also. Just like your Mom!!! (I do know the worry before the good news, though)

love, Cindi o'h

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Prayers that the results for your mother

are as good.

Thank you for the update on your father.

I have two nodules on the thyroid they did a few

biopsies (results not clear) so we are just watching

and I get an ultrasound every six months, all going




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Oh Jamie...I am so so sorry....you and your Dad and Mom will certainly be in my prayers....I will ask the Lord to touch and comfort all of you and to show you that HE is there and HE will be....just keep the faith....Oh dear...you are too young to have so much on your plate..sigh...praying hard...hugs...PamS

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