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"Happy Birthday Rana"


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Dear Rana,

I'm not your mom but I'm your friend and I would like to wish you a VERY HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!

This morning when I was at church I got the strong impression that I needed to contact you somehow to wish you a Happy Birthday. This being to only means I have I decided to post it.

Along with that I would love to give you a cyper hug ((((((((((((Rana))))))))))).

I hope that you are doing something nice for yourself today. :D

Rana, you are a wonderful daughter, never forget that. You have really helped myself and others in the family we have here. I am praying for you.

Have A Great Day!

Hugs, Shelly

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Just saw the post Guys....THANK YOU!!!

ITs been a hard hard hard couple of days...I'm kinda just lurking here. I hope you all are doing well.

I don't like to talk much right now, as I'm really sad! (Don't like that to come through on posts...) So, I want to let you all know I am praying everyday for eveyrone.

Love to you all


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Rana, I hope you had a happy birthday. I know that you must have missed your mother terribly on that day. I mean, a childs birthday is as much of a celebration for the mother as it is for the child. I am sure that you Mom was with you and celebrated her bringing you into this world. Take care, Deb

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