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Mark was told he had the cancer in his spine and a spot on the liver. His legs are killing him with pain, from the hips down..The Onc & Radiologist never said anything about his legs or hips. The PA said he has it in his shoulder and hips per the PET scan report... Why wouldn't the Onc tell him this? Will the Zometa take care of his hips and shoulder as well as the spine? He is now getting radiation on his back for 10 treatments..He also has a lidocaine patch for his back.That really helps with his pain.Don't they usually tell you where the cancer has spread to? I am so confused!! :?

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Yes, the onc usually tells you where the cancer has spread. If he doesn't, then one should ask. As I understand it, Zometa is used for prevention of bone mets, not to cure mets already present. My wife takes it once a month. Radiation to the painful spots is normal, and it has worked for Lucie. I hope Mark will get relief also. Don

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Do you go with your brother for his doctor's meetings? The doctor may have mentioned speard, but I have to be honest with you, we patients don't always hear what is being said. So, I hope your brother doesn't go alone to these appointments.

He or even if someone goes with him should bring a tape-recorder. That way you can play back what is said.

You do know CT scans, and PET scans are NOT a 100% don't you? I have heard of people that had a CT scan one day, and all was fine, and then 4 weeks later they had problems and had another CT scan and low and behold the cancer was there. So, my dear, you have to take a deep breath here, and no that NOTHING IS A 100% in fighting cancer. That's not saying you should give up hope. We NEVER give up hope! But, we all know nothing is a 100% in the fight for cancer.

All treatments work different for everyone. Some of us beat it, and some of us don't. And I don't think ANYONE understands why that is, including the Doc's.

The doc's can only give us what they have and with that, we all hope and pray something works. There is NO CURE for cancer at this time.

I will continue to prayer for you and your brother.

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