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Just dawned on me I must be greiving


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:cry: Today has not been my day. Nothing is going right. Why?

First of all, I did a load of wash and then put it in the dryer. Started to do another load when I noticed I had only used the middle level of water for a full load. To late for I had that first load going in the dryer.

Decided to bake a boxed cake. Thought I would be creative so I put a small can of crushed pineapples in with the orange cake mix. Not knowing how much water to put in beings i put in the pineapples, i decided rather than the requested 1 1/3 cup i would only put 1 cup. While I was putting the mix in the pan for baking, i thought it looked rather thick. Oh well, just my imagination surely. Put the cake in the oven and went back to the sink to do the few dishes I had just used. What did i see but i didn't put all the water from the cup in the mix. Oh, now I remember, I withheld 1/4 of the full cup from the beginning just to make sure 1 cup wasn't to much. Oh well, time will tell what will happen 32 minutes from now.

Got a new internet service installed yesterday from my good neighbor. me, i know nothing about these things. I told him i would work on the e-mail address book today, that surely I can do . You guessed it, I have it filed up too.. I can't send and and I haven't gotten any so am sure I fixed it good..

Now, I know why this is happening to me today.. My dear loving mother left this world 31 years ago today and I still miss her very much. It does not really get easier on the missing part. Life does go on, but the tears still flow. this must be greiving....even though it has been many years.

thanks for listening. got to go see about that cake. the clean clothes will just have to be full of soap suds. who really cares......not me...I will just think good thoughts about my mom for the rest of the day.....

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Thanks Don, that didn't end my misery, I went down stairs to put the other load in the dryer and guess what. I forgot to put detergent and downy in that load. Had to start all over again.

I know my mom is not watching over me today. She must be out with my dad somewhere up in those heavenly clouds.

Better get back to seeing what else I can screw up today....bye for now wherever you are mom.....

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Dear Norme,

How did your cake turn out? Jack wanted to know if you "accidently put the fabric softner in the cake?" Ha! We are allowed to have off days. I would imagine you are preoccupied with numerous stressful things that you are conscience of, and some you aren't. My parent's deaths usually hit me the same way. It still brings me to tears too.

Cheryl and Jack

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Cheryl, Jack and Cathy,

I am sitting here laughing with tears in my eyes, what jack said was so funny.

The cake is okay, a little dry. It really needed the extra 1/4 cup of water but we both are putting it away okay.....no problem with that....thanks all...

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I am sorry to hear you were having a bad day. The grieving process never seems to have any time boundaries. My grandma passed away almost 10 years ago and there will be days I stop in my tracks and cry. They live with us in our memories and hearts. I wish you better days ahead. I do so enjoy reading your posts!

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Glad it turned out okay. Maybe your Mom is watching over you and your baking.....she must have known your "buddy" deserved a decent cake, even if the wash had to be done all over again. :D

Funny how our minds are preoccupied and we mess things up before realizing why. I'm sure your Mom's loving arms are wrapped around you now.

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You know, Norme, after Margaret passed I just sat for hours staring. Just staring. I couldn't get out of bed to write thank you cards for the people who came to the service. I just pretty much shut down. And sobbed. A grown man sobbing and staring. Yeah, that's grieving.

I finally tried to do something like eat, and screwed it all up. Thank god for pizza delivery.

It's the end of the second week, and I'm clawing my way out of that deep, deep hole. Hell, I even went to Probate Court today. That ain't pretty.

I do believe time heals. Some.

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