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Faith's 3rd Anniversary Gotcha Day

Remembering Dave

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Three years ago yesterday Faith was handed to Dave and I in a conference room at the Holiday Inn in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. It was a dream come true for both of us. Yesterday, Faith and I drove up to Maryland for a Gotcha Day celebration with three other families we traveled with, and Dave was not there in body, hopefully in spirit. I cried halfway up because Faith wanted to know if Daddy could come down for heaven to be there with the other daddies. It was in many ways a horrible day.

I don't post any more but lurk weekly to see how everyone is doing. I just wanted to post this in memory of Dave on an important milestone we are missing him deeply for.

God Bless,

Karen and Faith

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Happy Gotcha Day Faith..

I am glad you checked in Karen. We also celebrate both the birthday and the arrival day of our children. When my son was little he came home from school and told me one of his friends did not have an arrival day--only a birthday! He felt so sorry for him. They love that extra occasion for presents. :wink: I am sure Dave was there in spirit and will be with Faith for all her special days.

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Karen...thanks for posting and allowing us to share this three year mark with you. Like others, I believe Dave was there with you to celebrate three years of having such a beautiful daughter. It is so very good to hear from you and Faith.

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Sue - I notice you're in Virginia. Not a whole lot of folks on the board from Virginia.

You know, in some ways it was a bit of a healing sort of day, but sad, too. Faith wanted to know if the other daddies would be there, and then asked if daddy could come down from heaven for the party. boy, did that ever set off some tears - driving up Rt. 301 in MD.

Dave's best friend came over for just a few minutes yesterday evening to drop something off and I had just gotten around to unpacking books and showed him some of Dave's music books and notes that were in those boxes. I told him how rough it was for me to raise Faith alone (which he knows all too well) and looking at Dave's music things was harder than I expected. He said, you know, I miss him like hell, but I also feel that you, me, Faith, all of us, even this big lug of a dog of Dave's carries a little bit of Dave in us and that makes him live on. How nice. that really helped me alot. I felt so much better now.

for the most part I am OK and happy, but milestones are just particularly hard, especially when they involve our miracle of a daughter, because he's not here in body to share them with me. that's when I feel the loneliest, even amongst friends.


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